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Can we get a FlutherChat section up in this place?

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) February 2nd, 2008

A separate section for questions that are Fluther related. And questions that are opinion based.

Such as:
Why does Fluther hate America?
What is your favorite bread?
A place for questions that don’t don’t really have answers.

And I am asking here instead of using the contact link to get community feedback.

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Why overcomplicate things? Moronic or adolescent questions can be flagged. The rest are easily skipped, skimmed, poured over. I love the clean simplicity of this site – and have no trouble making my choices.

My biggest complaint is the answer that is novella-length, but no one is forcing me to read twenty links and unattributed quotes from all of them.

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Fluther is moving fast enough now.

My problem is that interesting questions are getting pushed off the front page because of the fluff. I never visit page #2.

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You can add the tags to your profile…or if you have a Mac, put them on a desktop post-it (Stickies)

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@gailcalled – or if you happen to live in the real world and have real post-its ;-)
(Or use most any Linux distribution, BSD flavour, or install some third-party thingy for Windows, or whatever…)

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Gott sedanken I don’t have Windows. I LOVE my Stickies.

@Vincent; remember that you are talking to Ms. Tech-dimwit. BDS? Is that like Cherry Garcia? And no more third party thingies for me. My life is cluttered enough :-)

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@gailcalled – just making clear that a Mac is no requirement, I guess you got the point that BSD was also an alternative ;-)
Anyway, let’s not clutter this question up, if you feel the need to reply you can do so privately ;-)

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Yeah it would be nice to have a forum and/or an IRC room to chat and get to know fellow flutherians. :)

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@livejamie: you can chat and get to know the folks you find interesting by clicking on their username and sending a private comment. When a reply comes in, it is highlighted in upper right side of page under “Comments for you.” I have made some wonderful new friends that way. Check next time you login to Fluther.

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@livejamie; I just sent you a private comment.

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@gailcalled: Yeah I noticed that feature, which is like a PM/Message system, but something a bit more public would be nice I think. :)

I could even set up an unofficial chat room on Meebo or IRC (Freenode) if anybody is interested.

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A bad question/bad answer button to bury them should be added. Maybe a “sort questions” by new, great or bad. More can be done with a point system.

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@vanguardian – you can “Flag as abuse”...

@livejamie – when sending a private message, you can select whether you want the message to be public or not. Still, it’s focused on that one member.

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Does Fluther hate America then?

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@vincentt – I’ve never seen the “flag” button. My guess its on the site and not the iphone app, which I use. Anyway, I don’t know if an abuse flag should be used to bury a bad answer/question.

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Suble choices for flagging on site.

“Get rid of this answer! It is…

Full of lies
Something else”

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If anyone is interested, I just set up a social network for fluther at to discuss things that you cannot do on Fluther

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@vanguardian – well, I guess the only questions you’d want to “bury” are those that fall in one of the flagging categories, “spam, obscene, dumb, full of lies” (thank you gailcalled), and otherwise there’s also “something else” :)
But of course, it’s quite logical that you can’t fit everything on a small mobile device’s screen, you’d also have that problem with a bury button.

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*subtle; apologies from Ms. Know-it-All (that would be me).

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@gailcalled – you called yourself…

Ms. Tech-Dimwit & Ms. Know-it-All
in the same thread. Funny.

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Aha. I said Ms. Tech-Dimwit and then, in re; spelling of subtle, Ms. Know-it-All. I know damn-all about computer languages and a great deal about my native tongue.

Speaking of which, in ref. to the fluther question about passwords, I discovered the Keychain app. on my Mac OS. Never having seen it before, I erased all the pws Mac had nicely stored for me. Then I couldn’t remember the pw to unlock and repair the Keychain…finally dredged it up. So, back to kindergarten.

@vang: you are supposed to be skimming these late answers, not reading so carefully.

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