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What would you do if your spouse went out and purchased an 8,000 tv without your permission and you came home from work and it was hanging on your wall?

Asked by memers (20points) October 17th, 2009

just wondering what you would do…

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Depends on how much of our budget 8k is, and how much I spend without consulting him and how we had decided to handle finances…

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I would be pissed that he didn’t discuss it with me, but then I would grab the remote and put on the tennis channel. ( and probably never let him have it again)

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Definetely 8k was not in our budget

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Take it back.

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Tell the Governator.
My guess is that he would make her sit in time out, for a while.

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I would add a surround sound stereo set and have the awesomest movie marathon ever!

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Long before anyone spends $8k, I would expect a couple to have an understanding about how they handle finances and how they decide on big expenditures. So what I would do would depend on whether this was consistent with our understanding or not. At our house we have a working agreement on how big a price tag requires discussion and how much either of us can spend on our own, and this amount varies with our fortunes. It has been as high as $300 or so and as low as $10. The important question here is really how you make family decisions about major purchases.

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@ drdoombot…after the tv purchase…the spouse went out and purchased and new receiver and now the rec room is like a movie theater complete with surround sound….I was ticked off by the whole thing

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Back in 2006 my wife went out and bought a large screen high definition digital Plasma and a recliner lounge for me as a present. I was quite pleased.

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I would be pissed off. There are so many things of so much more importance that that $8K could’ve/should’ve been spent on.

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Well I can’t say that on here…

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My husband did…...and shortly afterward I received about the same amount in very pretty jewelry!!

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well it depends really. if you’re middle class or lower yeah that’s crazy she should have spoken to you prior to buying it. But if you guys have the money lying around, sit back, turn on the game, and tell your wife how beautiful and awesome she is…

me personally? 8k+ on a TV is absurd, I’d have it back to the store within the hour.

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personally I’d rather my husband spend money on something that would keep him home instead of the other way round!

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Memers I’d prefer having to peel my hubby off the couch than drag him out of bars, you know?

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We have an arrangement in our home. If one of us wants a splurge item then the other is able to spend the same amount on themselves. What this does is makes us both seriously think twice before spending since any spending done will cost double.

So far it has worked out well. I have gotten some incredible hand-milled oil paints when my spouse got a little netbook.

By the way the same thing goes for a windfall. If it is surplus to the budget we divide it 50/50 and each does as they wish with it.

As of late with the economy the surplus has been gone and the windfalls fewer and farther between but we do still have the rule and that prevents any resentment between us that would stem from one spending as the other pinches pennies.

Perhaps you could now establish something similar?

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If you’re wealthy enough, no worries.
If you can’t afford it, give it back and take the money or sell if it sells at appropriate price.
With whose money he/she bought it? If it’s his/her money, then no permission required.
If you like it, keep it.
Invite me to watch some movies on it

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In our household, we both make mutual decisions on large purchases, and a situation like that would never come up. The fact that you used the word “permission” in your question indicates to me that your relationship is nothing like mine.

If you are upset about this, then perhaps your relationship needs professional help from a marriage counselor.

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8,000 bucks for a television?
i can’t get my mind around that much money being spent on a television screen, oh my god!

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Plug in my PS3 and grab a beer.

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I really hope you don’t live in the United States and that in the currency you use that wouldn’t be equivalent to 8K US dollars.

If it is I would be livid and make them take it back. It isn’t hard to pick up a phone and ask first about such a huge purchase.

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I’m agreeing with @YARNLADY. Sounds like your marriage may have bigger issues than the TV.

Why do you need “permission” to spend money?

If 8K is way out of your budget, why did he think it was ok to spend it?

Why would he then go on to buy the receiver despite your displeasure?

Is he involved in the monthly budget? Or does he get an allowance (like a child)?

Sounds like at best there’s a lack of communication; At worst, a lack of respect.

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I wouldn’t ever be with anyone that materialistic, that is a horrible use of a substantial sum of money.

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@mammal I wouldn’t ever be with anyone that materialistic, that is a horrible use of a substantial sum of money.

Gee. In 2001 I bought my wife a ring valued at twenty-three thousand dollars. Should she have left me? (Luckily for me she must be a bad wife – she loved it – she wears it everyday.)

Seriously what is the point of earning money if you can’t enjoy spending it or giving gifts?

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If my husband bought a TV that expensive today, I’d be upset. If he bought anything that expensive right now, other than a car (because we are currently shopping around for a car), I’d be mad. We handle the finances together, and usually discuss something big like that before making a decision. I’d be hurt that he didn’t talk to me about it, and shocked at his lack of common sense. I’d hope he would return it so we could, I don’t know, feed our kids.

Now, if we happened to be fortunate enough to spend that kind of money on something we don’t need and not even miss it, then I’d say heck yeah, go for it!

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I would take it off the wall, drive to the store where he purchased it and get my 8k back.

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Return it. He knows we decide things as a couple. Okay, I don’t care what he eats for lunch but anythinng over a certain amount needs to made together. Personally I would be more worried he would buy me something outrageoussly expensive than something for himself.

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Hell, I wouldn’t have a partner in the first place! 

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@mammal can you instruct my husband on gift-giving? I love jewelry! About as much as he likes his huge TV. But really, money is only good to spend if you think about it.

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Someone would be cruisin’ for a bruisin.

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