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What are some good podcasts to subscribe to?

Asked by cooolbeans (85points) October 18th, 2009


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Diggnation! If you like drunk tech humor.

In all seriousness, it all depends on what you are interested in.

I rather like the You Look Nice Today podcast, as well as other tech news podcasts.

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What sorts of things are you into?

@ShiningToast got there before me!

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This American Life is a must!!!!!

welcome to Fluther!

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NPR Fresh Air
This American Life
and Car Talk, although I can’t seem to find you a link!!

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@mcbealer – I think we wrote that at the very same moment…like minds? you owe me a coke

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I concur, This American Life.

For music, THE. BEST. EVER. is Beats In Space.

Fabriclive is great too.

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Wired, the popsci podcast. The dilbert podcasts.

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I’d suggest the 4Player Podcast. Mainly a video game podcast, but they tend to talk about anything and everything at times. There’s pretty explicit though.


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@forestGeek ~ very funny!! a coke though? ya sure?

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@peedub – oh yes, beats in space, my second choice!

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@mcbealer – right right, you actually owe me about $50.00, or the perfect preserved specimen of the Giant Humboldt Squid…I’d prefer the squid

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@forestGeek ~ I’m afraid I can make payment to you in shekels only… the rest of my funds are tied up right now in some land development deals securing a few hundred acres of mushroom forests

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mushrooms please

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Personally I would invest in truffles.

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This American Life should be heard by everyone.

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+1 for diggnation

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@forestGeek ~ sadly, the chupacabra ate all the shrooms!!

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I almost forgot the KEXP Podcast

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I like news podcasts. I watch Democracy Now! and Amanpour.

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Well, the OP hasn’t responded, so…

Librivox has audio books in the public domain (nothing new) that are free to listen to. I’ve only come across one “bad” volunteer reader; most are average to very good. Good for if you need to fall asleep, or pass the time, or want to read a classic but don’t want to “read” a classic.

Also, RadioLab is perhaps one of the coolest shows ever. It has interviews, great sound effects, music, and accessible (and interesting!) science. It’s sort of like NOVA for your ears!

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@evegrimm: Is the “bad” reader the woman who reads in monotone? Or have you not found her yet?

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@MacBean, I was actually referring to that hyper kid (with a very fake accent) who reads Sherlock Holmes. Hmm…may have come across the woman who reads in monotone…which books does she read from? Do you remember?

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@evegrimm: I think I’ve only run across stuff read by her in short story collections.

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