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What would happen to me if I were isolated for about a week?

Asked by Haroot (2118points) October 18th, 2009

So I need to shoot a 5–7 minute documentary film.

I don’t know how many of you saw my other post about doing it on pool, but my main interview is in California until next next week Monday. I need to return the camera by then.

Anyway, so I needed a film topic. I ended up watching Oldboy again and got the idea: Why don’t I just isolate myself in a bathroom for a week (since I don’t have 15 years) with water and food, don’t bring in any clocks so I don’t have a sense of time, and don’t bring any phones or whatnot so I don’t have any communication with anyone?

So yeah, that’s what I’m planning on doing. There are two issues I have with it. 1) I have no idea how to end it. 2) It seems like it would be kinda boring.

I know it’s suppose to be real, but that doesn’t mean I can act it up a little. Any idea what I should include?

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I have been isolated for weeks at a time – as a lone yachtsman. It doesn’t do much at all – quite a pleasant and relaxing experience.

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First question: are you so sure you even have the wherewithal to follow through with such an endeavor to the end? It’s one thing to think about sitting in a bathroom for a week and quite another to actually do that.

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It should be real. What environment will you be in?

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@holden Long answer short, yes I am.

@DarkScribe Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I honestly don’t expect for anything to really happen besides a large amount of boredom.

@XOIIO I’m considering my bathroom. No windows, toilet, sinks and tub to maintain hygiene, bring in some water bottles and dry food, waste a week.

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Thats a great idea! I would have one teensey tiny widow so you could tell if it was day or night, but still not what time it is, so it makes it more like a prison environment, and also if the light burns our. Did you consider that hapening?

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@XOIIO Hell, I hope a light burns out. Add some conflict or whatnot. But in case one does I keep spares under the sinks.

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Do something interesting. Even something as mundane as sitting in a parked car for a week doing time lapse (or timed bursts) filming of a city bus stop and the variety of people who use it would be more interesting. There are a huge number of possibilities that would be less boring than one person in one room for a week.

If you are prepared to risk some potentially nasty response – spend a week filming a sex shop or brothel and the people who come and go.

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Damn browser messing up again. Do you have night vision on the camera?

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@XOIIO Sadly no. I really wanted to use that too.

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An entire week without Fluther… you crazy man?!?

What about bringing Fluther as you only communication with the outside?

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Have a buddy come knock on the door after 7 days..

I remember someone who locked himself in the bathroom for a week with a webcam and a laptop and blogged about the experience, i can’t seem to find the link any more but i remember that even with a laptop it didn’t seem to be too pleasant (so unfortunately, like too many things, it’s already been done).

Although i am all for pushing the envelope and getting out of your comfort zone, so i think it sounds like a great experiment for that reason alone. Please let us know if you do this and if so how you felt.

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In retrospec, I kinda gotta go with darkscribe. I honestly see this as being extremely boring. Not for me, but for the audience (my class.) The only really interesting thing would be if I went insane, which I wouldn’t, and which would make class kinda awkward.

I still am considering doing it for other reasons, but as far as the film goes, unless I can think up ways to make it entertaining, I don’t think I’m going with it.

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Don’t take a cell phone.

You could end it by having someone pound on the door and ask how long are you going to be in there.

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I think it could be made into something interesting. You say it’s a 5–7 minute film. That’s not very long, you would cut a lot of the material of you just sitting on the bathroom floor doing nothing obviously. But certain special effects added later to show the passage of time. Maybe you cleaning and organizing your entire bathroom in fast or slow motion, if you haven’t cleaned your bathroom in awhile, trust me, you could get some pretty comedic responses. Trying to catch the attention of people outside your bathroom window.
I like @PandoraBoxx ‘s idea of someone pounding on the door to ask if you how long you are going to be in there. If you want to go with that surrealist style theme. You could start out the film with you going into the bathroom just to take a bath or something and the door is locked and you can’t get out for a week until someone becomes impatient waiting for the bathroom and you realize it was in your head, you haven’t been in there a week. I don’t know, just a few ideas, maybe they will inspire another idea for you. Good Luck!

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@veronasgirl you say it’s a 5–7 minute film. That’s not very long

You can do a lot that will entertain in five minutes or so. See

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@DarkScribe That’s my point. @Haroot is worried that this film would be boring. It probably wouldn’t be because there will be a weeks’ worth of materials to choose from, and cut down to a 5–7 minute film, of the best material.

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@veronasgirl hrmm… actually it wouldn’t be more than, tops, a weeks worth of material. Not if you shoot it in seven days.

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@veronasgirl “there will be a weeks’ worth of materials to choose from”

Clarification: I know, he says he wants to stay in a bathroom for a week, film it, and somehow make it interesting. I get the concept. And I think it IS possible to make it an interesting film.

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You should have to go one week without using your good hand, have it tied behind your back and film the difficulties 

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