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Why would people light fireworks off at 3pm in the afternoon ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4412points) October 18th, 2009

It’s daylight , it’s not even November 5th . Why do shops sell and stock them this damn early , it’s against the law for minors to have them . Yet the ALWAYS bloody get them and light them off shouldn’t mummy and daddy inform them its too light too see them , for those parents who let them light them shouldn’t the police do something .
Shouldn’t the shops ok they want max profits limit the sell of these things , well atleast limit the date they are on sale for like two days before hand for public and a week before or pre-orders for privates .
The people who buy them early are the folk who light them off early , then the rest of the people wait until the sales are on offer . Cause they don’t wanna waste even more money , then again shouldn’t all public sales of these things be stopped . And only clubs and organizations should be allowed to buy them , and use them

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kids are dumb, that’s why.

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Those darn teenagers.

(Get off my lawn! **shakes fist**)

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I’m a proponent of centralising New Year’s fireworks. I think it would be a good idea if the merchants stopped selling fireworks to citizens and if instead the local powers that be organise the fireworks.
I think this for two reasons:
1. They could hire a professional fireworker who could actually plan and design a fireworks show and thus do a much better job, giving everyone something much more fun to look at. (I’ve seen organised fireworks in France on July 14th. It was much more fun to look at.)
2. Fireworks in the hands of citizens occasionally go horribly wrong. The people who spend January the first in a hospital bed should go to show that not everyone can be trusted with explosives.

This post may or may not turn out to be a thread hijack.

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If they’re holding a video camera, there’s a good chance something will end up on youtube. If not, they’re just being dumb teenagers.

Also, there’s probably a good reason why they’re doing it in the day. You can’t see your targets at night.

And it’s best to do it when yours are the only fireworks in the vicinity. No fun when everyone else is doing it together with you on the 5 Nov.

And of course, who doesn’t like a good explosion? Whoosh! Bang! BOOM!

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maybe the are bored/and or drunk by then. The people that shoot em off around here year round are usually having a few beers with their friends out in the garage, i.e. King of the Hill guys in the alley.

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~How can you watch the mailbox explode in the dark?

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Because they want to get arrested? Maybe they’re budding pyromaniacs.

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