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What do you usually do on a Sunday?

Asked by J0E (13136points) October 18th, 2009 from IM

Sundays seem to be the lazy day of the week. The most I ever do is go to church and then veg out in front of the TV. Is Sunday the universal “do nothing” day? What do you do with your Sundays?

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i often go out to eat, do some shopping, watch “60 Minutes”. have a drink (or few)

oh, and this

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Nothing. I don’t even go to church. Most Sundays we go visit my grandparents but not today. All I do is stay home and get ready for Monday.

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The only thing I’ll usually do on a Sunday (at least for 13 weeks) is watch the latest episode of Mad Men. Otherwise, I don’t have set things I do, not even sleeping in.

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Lie in bed with a plethora of pets snuggled up to me; eventually, get my ass up; pee, make java; turn on some “swingin’ standards” (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald—which plays all morning), sip coffee and read news (via online); make breaky (or, go out); Fluther; eventually, shower; take pooch out for a walk; run a few errands; get prep work done for Monday, then head out and spend the rest of the day with my girlfriend, friends or family.

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Mostly I just stay home and watch TV, or a movie, read a book, and eat. Sometimes I go shopping, or do something else if I have previous plans for the day. I might do some homework if I can motivate myself, but that is usually highly unlikely…

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It varies – today it was yard and pool maintenance – brunch – grab a camera and go and shoot something interesting (old 1800’s gravestones) – get together with extended family for dinner.

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If I’m not working then I try to have brunch with friends, tend to some grooming and readying for my week to come and then if I’m really lucky some handsome devil takes me to dinner and we enjoy the rest of the evening in.

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Sundays are lazy days here. If it’s nice outside we spend time in the backyard. If it’s not nice out I usually try to get some laundry done and a few other household chores. During football season we have our games on the tv then I go to the bedroom to watch Amazing Race and Iron Chef while the rest of the family watches The Simpsons and Family Guy in the living room.

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@hungryhungryhortence I love brunch, it’s the time of day when you can really appreciate breakfast food.

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I want to hang arond with @DarkScribe on Sundays.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra I want to hang arond with @DarkScribe on Sundays.

Bring your camera. ;)

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Usually church, then work until around 8, then homework and sleep.
Sundays aren’t my favorite days.

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Cook. I’m about to go make soup.

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I usually take the horse out for a ride first thing in the morning and then once I have done all my jobs at the stables (ie: mucking out – yay for me!!!) I then try and keep the rest of the day for free for relaxtion!

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Watch football and other sports, read books, watch movies, work (every other Sunday), surf the internet, go on road trips, play video games, hang out with friends, avoid chores and errands, and have lots of sex.

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Sunday Funday! Best day of the week to drink, also football

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Late breakfast or brunch at the Bagel Bin, catching up on dvr recordings, finish housework, snuggle with my husband before blue Monday starts.

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Write my weekly paper for school. I hate weekends

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@Facade That’s harsh!

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Sundays are for homework. :P

Here I go to do some homework! ....later.

And sleeping in (but so are Saturdays).

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….everyday is like sunday.

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Usually crawl out of bed just in time to watch football. Maybe finish up a little bit of homework if I was stupid enough to push it off until then.

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…Come Armageddon! Come!

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church, coffee shop for lunch, call family, watch a movie, cook, bake, maybe a walk if it’s nice out.

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work, computer, TV, radio, eat, do nothing, sleep.

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Watch football with friends.

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It’s laundry day for me, usually. Aside from that, I pretty much just sit around and become a vegetable for the whole day.

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