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Does anyone know how to make these "fantasy world" shoes?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) October 18th, 2009

I call them “fantasy world” shoes because it’s like shoes from a Disney movie, I was wondering how they made them.

Here’s a link of a picture of these shoes:

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Ahhh, those shoes are straight from the runway, Alexander McQueen to be exact, his Spring 2010 show. More photos including video of models walking in them along with much commentary here

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Why would anyone torture their feet like that?

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High-heels fetishist – Good.
Monster shoes fetishist – That s****

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Just looks like a spin-off of Ballet Heels

I’m wrong. Looking at the link to the runway shots, you can see they’re just a weird extension of platform heels. So find some fabric, and cover existing platform heels. You’d probably need some stiff material to create the shell though.

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Even in the link you provided, one can see the basic foodbed/sole shape in a few of the images. I guess there is an elastic across the top of the foot to hold it in place, and/or maybe some foam filling it out.

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I would break every bone in my body just trying to stand! They look cool though!

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@Beta_Orionis is right! They “skeleton” is basically a platform heel (much higher than those, of course!).

LOL, I thought you were gonna link to a pic like this.

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I like heels, but sorry, not so keen on them. I wouldn’t know how to start to make them! Sorry not much help!

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@evegrimm yay! Yeah, taller. They’re closer to Stripper Heels.
and why would I do that!?! haha.

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@Beta_Orionis, I actually meant that I thought the OP was going to link to that.
You know, “fantasy world” shoes? :P

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@evegrimm ohhh! That makes so much more sense. :P

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