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Does anyone have experience with making funeral arrangements?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12618points) October 18th, 2009

I’m trying to put together this step-by-step guide for bereaved parents. It is in regards to making funeral arrangements (any and all cultures, at this point it doesn’t matter). I’ve searched and searched on the web but since the funeral home takes care of many matters they don’t list them out. The point of the list is to list all the steps out because bereaved parents sometimes need to know what is going to happen instead of being blindly led through the process. These types of steps can be very helpful.

What I know is you need to:

choose a funeral home, get copies of death certificate, and what else? choose a casket, put an ad in the paper, buy flowers and food, etc?? What is involved?

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Maybe you should go talk to a funeral home. I’m sure they would be happy to help you form an outline of what to expect.

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@Judi Yes I’ve thought of that but really that is quite depressing since I have a history of loss myself. But maybe if I call one they can send me a list in the mail.

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Typically the funeral director will help with a lot (ie. obituary in the newspaper, casket etc) They will also obtain a copy of the death certificate. The tricky part comes in after the funeral and there are things such as bank accounts, bills etc that need to be taken care of. Copies of the death certificate are required to do just about all of it. The “estate” (including all $, bills, property, cars) needs to be “closed” within the state within typically within a year of the death.

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Talking to a funeral director is a good idea. You could also talk to a few different clergy. Most of them deal with death on a fairly regular basis and could give you some insights not only into what happens around death from a logistical standpoint, but also the kinds of questions and concerns that a family who has recently lost a loved one might have.

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