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What is a Jelly-Helper award?

Asked by pizzaman (210points) October 18th, 2009

I just recieved it. What is it?

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If you go to your profile and hold your mouse over it, a little tooltip will pop up and say.
It’s for writing the first answer within a Question. So I’ll get Jelly-Helper for this answer.

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You can also click on the badge on your profile.

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From the wording on the Fluther Awards page it looks like it’s for writing your first answer ever, not just the first answer within a question.

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I’ve been awarded it 69 times (heh.. heh… sixty nine.. heh.. heh..). Safe assumption is that it’s not for writing your first answer ever.

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@Sarcasm My bad. I made the fix but didn’t roll it out to the site…because I’m an idiot. I hope you won’t miss 68 of those awards :)

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You gave me 73 more after taking away my 68. Not that I’m complaining

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Yeah I haven’t taken any away yet…FYI.

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