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Would bars allow you to carry a sword for a halloween party?

Asked by Achilles (225points) October 19th, 2009

I have a few costume contests I want to enter, but obviously the Achilles costume isn’t nearly as cool w/out my sword and shield. However I’m afraid that they won’t let me carry them in because they can be “deadly weapons.” Any suggestions? Anyone a bar tender/owner? Anyone a cop?

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plastic orrr..?

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Does it have to be a real sword? I don’t know about the legalities of the situation, but having a weapon where people will be drinking and getting rowdy seems pretty stupid to me.

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You should check with your local. Swords may be illegal weapons in your town unless used for a certain gathering.

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BTW: I own a tavern…and NOPE, I wouldn’t let you bring in the weapon

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just kinda sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. get a plastic one.

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The last BIG Halloween party I went to was at a bar and the bouncer at the door was collecting all “weapon” type items. It’s just asking for trouble. However the cardboard w/ tinfoil swords we’re allowed. Everything from wood Fairy-wands to devil pitchforks were taken away. He was writing the name on the owner’s ID on a piece of tape and sticking it to the “weapon” so it could be collected later when they left or over the next couple of days.

Honestly, I was happy they did this. The last thing that over crowded bar needed was two goons to go-ater with plastic armor swinging those hard plastic swords! – LB

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@SpatzieLover you own a tavern? Hey everybody, drinks are on @SpatzieLover!

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Yes I will buy a round, but the drinks will not be on me~too shy for body shots ;D

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Not in Trinidad.

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why not follow Captain Feather Swords’ example….

I’m sure you could have lots of fun roud the bars with his sword!

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@sakura lol, I like it. I may try it. @SpatzieLover @ElleBee Thanks for the incite, I guess I’ll have to be creative.

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