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What product can I use on my face to get rid of blemishes/slight acne?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2422points) October 19th, 2009

I have slight acne but it’s only a problem when it starts getting colder. Basically I have small red blemishes (like dark red dots) but my face itches a lot and the pimples I have seem to be deep under my skin. I’m pretty sure my stress level also plays a part in this too. I’m just past the teen years so this whole my face is an explosion thing is getting old and I still can’t find a product that seems to calm the redness. Tanning clears my face but that is not a very healthy (or costly) option. Anyone have a product that can stop all the redness/mild acne? ..and as a sidenote my pores seem to be quite large, idk if this has anything to do with all of this skin business.

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The redness could be mild rosacea, easily treatable. I mix honey and brown sugar, crushed almonds, 2oz apple cider vinegar, a little big of water, and no more than 6 drops of lavender oil. It clears my skin up and it feels great.

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thanks, I’ll try that.

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First thing comes to mind is allergies. I have been uncovering them my whole life. Check out Swanson’s they have answers and good stuff at a good price.

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I use Kiehl’s products and they have been GREAT. My skin’s never looked better. I use the Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser, following up with their light moisturizer. The brand is very natural – no dyes or scents, great for sensitive skin.

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There’s a couple of things you could do..
1) obviously cleanse your skin in the morning and at night
2)finish off with a toner and because you seem to be acne prone, go for a somewhat lighter moisturizer. Nothing that is too heavy and greasy. You can find many good ones at CVS for only a few dollars. Make sure everything you use is oil free.
3) Always remove your make up before you go to bed!
something that has worked for me is red solutions by Clinique. Go try it out at sephora or get a sample :]

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I use tea tree soap for my skin, works really well and completely organic. Kinda expensive in certain place’s but a little go’s a long way.

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I use the tinted concealer treatment stick by Murad. I think it’s available in three shades. It clears a zit in no time and it hides it til then haha

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