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How you manage all your web services account usernames and passwords?

Asked by tantaikooi (122points) February 3rd, 2008

As we use a lot of web services on the net, and sometimes we dont use the same username, same password…and sometimes the application doesnt allow you to use the username/password that u usually use…...really messy!

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I use Firefox and the Google Browser Sync extension.

It has never given me any problems.

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I’ve been using KeePassX

It’s cross-platform and open source (free!) under GNU…

If you’re on Mac, you can store web logins/passwords manually in Keychain Access, which is part of the OS software.

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mobile password safe – google it it will be the first one.
great app. For iPhone by the way

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I use RoboForm for my passwords….I keep a small three ring binder by the desk with all of the web-sites and applications listed that require a log-in and or a product key to activate and/or re-activate the program. The re-activate thing is after I geek up the PC so bad I need to start over again. The book comes in handy since I probably didn’t back up my passwords in RoboForm.

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paper and pen

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Not. :P

I’ve got at least ten different usernames I guess, though lately I’ve been using mostly one password at different sites, I guess it’s about time to pick a new one…

Plus, I often visit sites that support OpenID, which is a real lifesaver.

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I use a form of the same password for every site. I have one password that I change for different things. Example… bank of america’s password is boa*********** where the stars are the part that i keep standard. Someone told me to do this once and it’s really good. (my fluther password is fl********* gmail is gm********** etc) It’s a nifty way to remember them.

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@Perchik – wow, that’s handy, I’ll definitely be doing that in the future :)

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Memory plus little note pad goes with me everywhere so if I have any super great ideas write it. Also I started useing the SAVE file in email program not sure its the best but so far its good. One other thing I’m starting and may keep it to use bookmark..,.safe I don’t really know but easy yes!

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@vincentt along the same lines, you can change it monthly and just add teh month number you changed it in… ie if i changed my fluther password now, I’d change it to fl**************0208 or something, just so it’s more alphanumeric

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@Perchik – Great idea, let say gm******** (10 chars), okay for most of the applications, but some web applications limit the password char num, let say 6–8 chars! :(

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@tanta yeah I’ve run into that, so I just do things like if my password should be gmpassword and it only allows 8 chars, then i do gmpasswo or whatever it truncates at. It’s not a solid rule, its just something I try to go by

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@Perchik, OMG!! This is really coool! Thanks for this cool tip!

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@perchik oh that is good !!! At first I’m like you use those star things? But now I got it , I don’t think I’ll be hacking any time soon ,he he just a sidenote.

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I’m using 1password, it’s awsome.
But I think Perchik had a very good idea.

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Similar to perchik I saw on an idea to use a rule-based password – the first four letters of the site domain name and then use the same 4 digit pin.

So here it would be flut1234 and on twitter twit1234 etc.

I use 1Password on my mac to store passwords so I don’t have to type them.

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Have a deep look at Passpack, one of the best services around – probably the best, actually:

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