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What are items a male soldier would like/need in an care package?

Asked by kelly (1908points) February 3rd, 2008

my son-in-laws brother is deployed in Iraq. what items has the fluther sent to servicemen and they liked and needed.

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A ticket home.

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Yes of course, but he has at least 15 months due to his job skills that are needed at this time.

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I’ve heard that socks and underwear are good items to send.

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Great question for sure as far as what to send um I would ask the person what they need. I don’t think just putting a bunch of random stuff in a box is even accepted. I watch a lot of news and remember a story about sending stuff it has to be “ok“ed . Why I don’t know maybe because everyone sent 55 bottles of mouth wash , you see the problem there. I did hear calling cards for free calls home.

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Uhhh, yeah. Mail him him “peace” in box.

On a serious note, I’m sure of the dollar value you’re looking for. If it’s just a knick knack package or a nice gift. But alot of my friends who are overseas said they LOVE any of the Surefire weapon mounted flashlights with a strobe mode.

Nothing makes clearing houses safer. And once you’re over there, you can’t get em. So everyone learns after the fact. I know I’d appreciate that more than cookies.

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I spent 4 tours overseas. I always appreciated things that made me relax and get away from the conflict for a bit. I liked getting news magazines and health/fitness magazines. Food was always good- but there is plenty of junk food available, so healthy snacks are nice too.

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I’m in Iraq now and can tell you that anything you put in a care package can be purchased over here as well. The BX/PXs are carrying more items and with the internet everwhere we can purchase stuff that we need online. This is not to say that we don’t appreciate care packages. For me I love to get them and see what’s inside. :) I use everything that’s in them and have a wall full of thank you cards and letters. So put whatever you think we would need, and I assure you we’ll use it. Keep them coming!

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Some things that kept me occupied during my downtime while deployed were playing cards. Spades and hearts were a big hit. Beef jerky was a pretty sweet treat as well.

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