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What is the time period for the free annual credit report? Is it a calandar year or 12 months from previous request?

Asked by kelly (1908points) February 3rd, 2008

i want to check my credit report at which is supposed to be the only one that does not have a fee-based come-on to get the report. PS: I have no affiliation with this web site.

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I thought it was from ” previous” request . However, I had a very very hard time getting my info ( never did get it) the site I was on said it was the free site and everything looked right , I looked at the addy all good. The thing was they kept asking more info and sorry just weird… I hope you let us know if it goes well for you.

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you tried the web address in my question and had concerns?

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yes I think it was , I sure was trying to get it right free annual credit report. I don’t know I was sure I spelled it right and everything. So yes but it was 6 mo ago still tho I want my info you know….free. Good luck to you and please let me know if it went ok. I just let it go but I realize I need to watch this stuff.

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I went to the Federal Trade Commission and used the link there (it is I did that so I would not mistype it.
The site did ask some questions to confirm it was me. The data relates to stuff that would originate from your credit repot, though. It worked fine for me, and I got the impression it is 12 months from the previous request from what I remember.

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i agree – 12 months from the last request. the site should take you to three separate sites for the three major nationwide credit reporting companies. so i does feel like they keep asking for the same personal info. i wish the website went by calendar year, because i can never remember what month i requested my info last!

it is very important to keep up with your report, esp if you’re planning on making a big purchase soon (house, car, college loan, etc). so if you do think you’re not at the right website, i’d use the government website’s link. it should have the “VeriSign Secured” logo at the bottom. unfortunately they do not have a phone #, but there is an email and a snailmail address if you have concerns. i was unaware of two credit cards in my name and a collection notice on a cellphone account until i requested my report a few years ago. and i thought i had cancelled a couple credit cards that were still showing up as active. your report is the profile businesses see of you – be aware of what they’re basing their decisions on!

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@surlygirl Thanks thats good info and really what alot of ppl need to do.I sure do.

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i just tried to access my report and was given the date i last asked for it. since it was less than a year ago, i could not get my report. so there’s confirmation – 1 free report over 12 months!

@mikeyC: after entering my personal info (name, soc, address, etc), i was directed to a page which listed the three reporting companies. i selected all three and was then directed to a different page saying i had last received my report in july ‘07 from the first company on the list. i believe there was an 800#, email, mailing address, and a pdf doc listed. if you were not able to view your report previously, you can submit the filled out pdf doc and they will mail you your report. i assume the other two companies will also provide this info. definitely look into getting your report!!!

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@surlygirl I’m going to try this again today . I am suprized none of you reported the constant adds asking for money? Maybe I was at the wrong site, ok I will check everything out thank you!

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