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The high school I teach at has blocked this site. How can I get around the blockage.

Asked by Bigfish (110points) December 21st, 2006
Finally a good wholesome site that isn't full of smut and my school blocks it. ... although, a little smut might attract a larger audience.
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You're talking about Fluther?? Blocked?? Ask your admin what program they use to block sites... might just need to be added.
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I'm on break right now, so I'll check when I get back.
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some other ways to get around the blockage by searching the site through google then clicking on the link.
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Or if you use weird "anonymous surfing sites" like "the cloak" you could probably get around it.
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I'm a high school teacher in do you have time to "fluther" while you are teaching?? I'll have to check to see if it is blocked at my school when I return...they block us from so many sites it's ridiculous. I found some 'back doors' to get into things like AOL, though!

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