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When is a coldsore at it's most contageous?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25275points) October 20th, 2009

I hav suffered from coldsores my whole life (I get them every 3 or 4 months at a guess) and I hate them. Obviously when I have an obvious coldsore (ie: I can see and feel it) I avoid kissing my partner. However, what about if I kiss him a day or so before I start to see or feel the coldsore coming on? How likely is he to get it? This is relly worrying me, we have been together a few years and so far he has never caught a coldsore from me (he has never suffered from them) even when, on the odd occassion I have kissed him with the remains of a coldsore.

I have looked this up on a number of “medical” sites and they all give contradicting facts. Is there a doctor in the house that can help me?

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when it crusts up and heals the chances of spreading it are much reduced, but there is always a small chance your partner could get it- why don’t you try acyclovir so you don’t get the breakouts? Some people do not get coldsores which is why he probably hasn’t gotten it yet- you’d live a much more comfortable life is you got some medication for it.

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@trailsillustrated I have cream that I use when I get them which quickens the healing process but I didn’t realise there was medication to stop you getting them altogether. Why hasn’t my doctor ever recommended this?

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I dunno but he certainly should it’s been around for years. It’s an oral medication, not topical. Many people take it. Ask your dr. it’s silly for you to suffer like this, very easily treated.

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@ leanne 1986 ask your dr. Acyclovir or Valicyclovir. good luck dear

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If you don’t want to go the prescription route, try Lysine tablets (sold in pharmacies/grocery stores in the vitamin section). I have had luck taking ~2000mg when it first becomes apparent – it usually goes away before anything happens. For topical treatment if it does, I’ve had luck with tea tree oil and believe it or not, deodorant (both can be clear so they are subtle treatments).

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When it’s in someone else’s mouth.

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when you say, ” Hmmm I got a cold sore.”

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Like most viruses just before they show themselves and during the first few days (blister stage) once they crust over they are less contangious.

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@Blondesjon and @ChazMaz Thanks for the smart arse comments but if you read the whole question you would already be aware that I avoid kissing when I have an obvious coldsore, ie: I can see and feel it. It’s before the little bugger appears that worries me like a day or so before I start to see and feel it. I don’t want to avoid kissing my boyfriend all the time just in case I may have a coldsore waiting to show it’s ugly face!

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@Leanne1986 . . .Your welcome?

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And don’t kiss him…anywhere.

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@Jeruba Obviously I don’t! But again, it’s not when I HAVE The cold sore that I worry, it is before it has shown itself.

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