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What's the most exciting thing you've ever done or neatest place you've ever been in San Francisco?

Asked by Erin333 (5points) October 20th, 2009

I moved to San Francisco recently and would love to have some great ideas for weekend activities and places to check out!

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My answer won’t be helpful then, because the most fun I’ve ever had in San Francisco was in 1967 and 1968.

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There’s the annual bigwheel race down Lombard. That, I think, might be the highlight for me.

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Drive up around UC Berkeley and check out the bums.. they’re pretty funny…............... but be careful!! umm.. the shops there are pretty vintage and cool.. i’ve always found those interesting. Oh yeah, and theres a nice view of the bay.. Beautiful! anddd.. i don’t know dude, Explore and follow your nose.

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So many fun things. Start with some tourist highlights to learn your city. (Boat trip to Alcatraz; trip across the Golden Gate, go down Lombard street—even if not on a Big Wheel, Coit Tower, North Beach, even-sigh-Fisherman’s Wharf.

Go to Chinatown and have dim sum for brunch or abalone for dinner. Then shop there for wonderful, exotic things.

Too many to mention. You will discover your own favorites.

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Golden Gate Park is fantastic! Seems like there is always something interesting and fun going on there. Go see a show at Bimbo’s. Great venue! Also, sunset at Ocean Beach is really nice. I loved jogging down there at that time of day, always a dozen or so surfers changing into or out of their wetsuits! ;)

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Golden Gate Park is wonderful but it scares me to death at the same time. Once I was lost in it while the sun was going down and I kept passing by the large group of homeless people on the hill. I thought for sure I was getting robbed. I could not pedal fast enough that day.

Chinatown fo sho.

Check out the Albany Bulb. It’s where they dumped all the rubble from the 1904 (??) earthquake and then bums moved in and now I don’t THINK anyone lives there but I could be wrong. But there’s a bunch of art made out of trash, basically, and it’s really interesting. There’s some pretty neat views across the bay, too.

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Since Halloween’s coming up, its always fun to get lost in and around the streets of Castro :P. Take lots a pictures. And bring a jacket in case you get left behind by the last BART. Spend the time with a friend too. And don’t be shy, it’s halloween after all. Go around stores/bars/restaurants too, I found this record shop at Haight street and the guy was giving away some old vinyls he got from broken down jukeboxes. We got ‘em for free, figured I could decorate my room with it if they didn’t work or I didn’t like them.
Hey, it’s SF, one of my favorite cities. I’m sure you’ll come up with something. :)

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A chessplayer must see the Mechanics Institute chess room on Post St., the oldest American chess club west of Manhattan, which has been visited by several world champions.

A hardcore basketball fan would be delighted by the pro-am summer league at Kezar Pavilion every summer.

The Maxfield Parrish painting at the Sheraton Palace Hotel is worth a visit.

I much like the Cartoon Art Museum on Mission St.

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I really enjoyed the Academy of Science. The planetarium is amazing, I went twice in one day.Another really fun activity is playing Frisbee golf in GG park.

@andrew The BYOBW race is no longer help on Lombard. I am kind of sad about that.

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@b Very sad about that. Though, probably for the best (I went the year it rained, at it was a grisly scene).

Also! The Exploratorium!

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I moved to the city just over a year ago and I have trouble picking my favorites but here are a few highlights…

- Take the bus to Baker Beach for a stunning view of the Golden Gate and then walk through SeaCliff around Land’s End to Ocean’s Beach.

- Next summer, keep your eye out for outdoor movies in parks around the city and free performances at Stern Grove in the Sunset.

- Good Luck Dim Sum on Clement Street is delicious and wonderfully cheap.

- SFMoma is cool and open late on a Thursday night…and if you know a Chevron employee, they can get you in for free.

- Go to Bernal Heights and walk up to the dog park on the hill for a beautiful view of the city, and then enjoy some ice cream at MaggieMudd on Cortland Ave.

- And while not in San Francisco, when the Bay Bridge opens back up, drive or zipcar over to Grizzly Peak Boulevard in Oakland for one of the most stunning views of the Bay. Sunset will take your breathe away. And make sure to stop at Yogurt Park in Berkeley while you are over there!

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