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Is it Fluther etiquette to wish someone here a happy birthday?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) February 3rd, 2008

If not, I won’t mention that our favorite 13 yr-old kwallen is turning 14 on Wed.

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Happy Birthday !!!

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Yes, Gail. You may also wihs me a happy 30#@%$#^something this Sunday.

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Brian; Remember whom you are whining to about almost being 30 something! Speaking of whining, when is wine bar to open, and where?

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Thanks, Gail. I appreciate it.

It would be fun if you could see a Flutherers birthday in his/her profile, and then send a comment. Idea, Ben?

B.T.W. Multiple jellyfish are ‘kwallen’, one jellyfish is ‘een kwal’.

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Sorry. In Engish, “fish” is (are) both singular and plural. I got the translation from the Mac dashboard widget. Is Dutch a more regular language?

In any case, fijne verjaardag.

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Thanks, Gail. And please, don’t say sorry. You haven’t learned Dutch, so you can’t know. ;-)

Also happy birthday to breedmitch. :-)
(in advance)

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I think it’s always nice to let someone know you remembered their birthday. :o)

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Happy birthday to everyone has a birthday today! There is only one you!

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