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Does love get in your way?

Asked by NewZen (3492points) October 20th, 2009

You know how powerful a drug it is, this thing called love. ;-)

Music cliche’s aside (someone show me where the “ay” sounding “e” is for cliche, please – thanks): love can make you crazy; while being in love can make you completely bonkers.

You are feeling creative, in your field of creativity (or dreams) and love is the drug I’m thinking of that stifles said creativity – spinning you into a chaotic turmoil, where all your hormones, pheromones or those woman’s moans get you all out of whack.

This is highly impractical, and so “Carrie Bradshaw” asks:

Does love get in your way (of creativity, school, work or anything else)?

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Only temporarily, and then if it is love, it modifies and warms to a gentle, steady glow. Meanwhile, the chemical joyride sure is worth it.

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No, not for about 5 years now. Sex still gets in the way occasionally. Who is Carrie Bradshaw?

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Love for a relative can get in the way, for me. Rather than do my own thing and sort of “go my own way”, because I love my relatives (mom + grandma), I don’t do everything I want to; I’m not completely myself around them. I have to be the intellectual of the family; get a degree and a high-paying job, even if I’m not very into that. (I’d rather live on a boat, or go to culinary school, or start a jazz band.)

It can be very crazy.

@NewZen, why are you impersonating Carrie Bradshaw?? :D

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@Capt_Bloth You’ll just have to watch sex and the city to understand the joke.

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Every time.

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Love hasn’t gotten in my way… but infactuation, jealousy, possessiveness, and other things that we often mistakenly call ‘love’ have held me back or knocked me off course at times.

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Mm, it has gotten in the way at times. Times when i wanted to get out there and be independent and on my own, then bam, love :) Not that it’s a bad thing….but it was always unexpected when i was trying to make plans for me and myself, then somebody had to come along and then my plans were modified. I guess the plans weren’t that important as compared to the love :)

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It’s the other way around for me. When I fall in love, so much creativity gets released, I can’t keep up with it. Most of it is inspired by my love.

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