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What unhealthy eating habit would you like to stop doing?

Asked by coolguitarplayer (69points) October 20th, 2009

If you’re like everybody else, you have at least one unhealthy eating habit that you know is bad for you and yet you still do it. What is that one unhealthy habit for you and what keeps you from not doing it?

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Frying up some chicken wings and chips/french fries every time im in a hurry or bussy.

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All of them.

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pouring melted butter on top of butter flavored popcorn

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Munching on candy far too much…..

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I don’t always have breakfast. I just don’t always want it. I know it’s supposed to be healthier for you to have breakfast, but at least a few times a week I just don’t want anything until it’s about time for lunch.

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Not overindulging in the treats I make for my kids. :( I love to make cookies, quick breads, muffins, and tasty waffles and pancakes. I’m really good about limiting how much the kids eat, but not so much with myself. It’s too easy to grab a cookie on my way through the kitchen and dang I make some yummy cookies. No juice-sweetened, whole grain, fat-free cookies around here, either. Real butter, white flour, extra chocolate chips. MmMmmMmmmMmmmm!!!

I have cut way back by not baking as often, which the kids have been protesting. They’ve been spoiled, coming home from school to the smell of fresh-baked goodness a couple of times a week. Now I’m down to once a month, with carb-loaded breakfasts only on Saturday or Sunday. Now that this question has me thinking about it though, I might have to pick up some chocolate chips next time I’m at the store!

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All of my habits. Every. Last. One.

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I bake all the time. This is probably the one thing I do that is worst for my health, because I almost never buy cookies or cakes, so if I don’t have enough time to bake then I have a pretty healthy diet. If I get a few hours of free time though, it’s hard to keep myself from flipping to the desert section of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook… I can’t stop because it calms me so much. Sometimes I substitute whole wheat flour, but it never comes out quiiiite as good, and I also take a lot of pride in my baking abilities… which makes it hard to cut down white flour, butter and sugar. :)

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Underhydrating… I know how much fluid I should consume daily. I know how beneficial it is to the function f all our organs, especially the liver and kidneys. Yet on most days, I might not take in half of what I should.

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Not eating until 5 or 6pm. My metabolism could not be lower.

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@Ivan You mean your first meal of the day is at 5 or 6?

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Mass consumption of Diet Coke..

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I need to stop having a college student diet. I eat way too much Mac ‘n’ Cheese than is healthy, and not enough REAL food.

I keep thinking I have the super-sonic metabolism I had when I was in high school when that is no longer the case.

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As a college student with a wacky schedule, I find it difficult to eat on time or enough.

I should also eat more fruits and veggies, but that’s part of the whole “eating enough” thing.

I hear you, @Ivan. I’m not quite that bad, but on most days, I don’t eat until 1630 or so.

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I have a tendency to stop at 7–11 for a 20-oz Coke and a couple of Taquitos, even if I’m not hungry.

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Over-eating/ not eating at all. And what @Ivan does.

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Eating Bread all the time

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I’m on the EWTFIW diet. I realize that no matter what I eat, I’m going to up and die someday. Might as well eat what tastes good to me. I’d hate to die with any gastronomical regrets.

Everything is hazardous to your health. Those of you who exercise and eat right are going to feel mighty silly lying in the hospital dying of nothing someday. ~

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Or living to 100 :P

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@Facade I wouldn’t want to live to 100. Remember what George Burns said about sex at age 90? “It’s like playing pool with a piece of rope.”

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@Psychedelic_Zebra lmao! I have never heard that before!

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@cyndyh you need a second shift job, I work those hours, and I have breakfast about the same time that most people are having lunch.

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Pretty much everything. I need more fruits and vegetables, for sure. The main thing would be eating late at night, though.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: I hear you, but then I wouldn’t be eating dinner. It’d just be brunch and linner. :-)

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The Bad Carbs!

Kaiser rolls and bagels and potatoes and pasta and crusty breads and noodles and pie crusts and biscuits! I love empty carbs!

Please help me!

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Not eating all day- then having a big meal. Well.. big for me is about 500 calories. I need to eat more throughout the day.

I keep trying to nibble throughout the day yet I have no appetite. So sad as I’m a hobby chef. I cook and cook… just never eat.

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I think I like mcdonald’s too much. but I’m a skinny bastard so it’s not too bad. but double cheeseburgers are music to the ears of broke college students…

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I never eat breakfast (unless it’s a weekend and you consider 11am breakfast!). I leave for work at 8am and the idea of eating before then makes me feel sick. I keep meaning to have breakfast at work but once I get to my desk it is very rare that I get around to it so I tend to eat nothing until lunchtime.

Like @Facade there are timnes when I eat too much and there are times when I will eat nothing at all for a day or so.

Like @ABoyNamedBoobs03 I like McDonalds. I HATE to admit that as I know it’s pretty much full of crap but I love the taste of pretty everything on offer at McDonalds!

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I need to stop not exercising. I’ve not been on my treadmill – or even for an outside walk – in too long. And I’m feeling it when we’re going up and down the stairs at hockey games. I’ve not done a Jillian workout in too long as well. I’m still losing weight, but I’m going to end up more jiggly if I don’t get moving.

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holding my breath until suppers ready!
...i keep waking up on the floor next to the table!

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I took up drinking soda with my whiskey, I’d really like to cut out all soda again because the cravings just build and build.

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@hungryhungryhortence: I weaned myself off soda by switching to diet. Sure, it tastes icky for a day or two, but after that, you can’t even remember what regular soda tasted like. After that, it’s pretty easy to switch to something healthier, or just down to plain old water. That is, if you’re talking about soda in general, and not just with the whiskey.

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@poofandmook: that’s exactly how it did it a few years back, great move and I have stayed away pretty much 95% until recent. Yes, it’s soda only when I drink whiskey but it’s been enough to rekindle daily cravings and also cravings for junk food. I am cutting out the whiskey all together in hopes of curbing all the other stuff.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra- George Burns didn’t have access to Viagra!

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2 Beer Lunch

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I also need to stop eating delicious Kettle Chips (yogurt and green onion flavor).


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All of them. Specially napping after a meal :(

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