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We know what © and ® mean, so what does a circle with an "H" in it mean?

Asked by warpling (846points) October 20th, 2009

I most recently saw it here on a logo…

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Watch out for hippies!

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according to all knowing Wikipedia it comes from the Welsh, (h) stands for ‘hawlfraint’ which means copyright in the Welsh language


last one under ‘Related Symbols’

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haha, you think that’s what they mean @wenn?

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@warpling could be. Its the only (h) reference i found.

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@DarkScribe yes could be. Don’t like hippies and drum circles much.

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I’m sort of baffled and intrigued. Do enough people still speak Welsh to warrant their own copyright symbol?

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Helicopter landing designation.. uh.. for very tiny helicopters?

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After looking through Hippy Tree’s website, it just looks to me like they’re trying to be anti-corporate in a clever way by appropriating a symbol of corporate culture and making it their own thing, using the initial of their company.

The Welsh hypothesis doesn’t quite jibe with the surfer/graffiti culture from which Hippy Tree emerged.

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I found another use of it somewhere, this sounds really dumb, but I forget where now, so it’s not supper obscure. hmmm…

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I’m not sure if there is one solid answer. But you all should take a look at an awesome web site that has every symbol and meaning of these symbols:
Try this as a starting point:

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@davidk Awesome site! Thanks!

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