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I need to reduce a pic size, and convert mp3 files for free. dont like to do that in iTunes or in iPhoto, I want to do that fast with a simple app. any ideas?

Asked by AlbertKinng (247points) October 21st, 2009

I made an automator app for resize pictures, but everytime I use it the apps lunch and takes time to do that. I also did other for mp3 but itunes need to launch then process and its boring and time spending.. I need simple apps that do that job fast. anyone?

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Browse, you’ll definitely find some good stuff there.

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You need to be more explicit. Convert MP3 to what? Re-size what sort of image from what to what? It is all very vague.

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You can resize in Preview. There are thousands of free apps to do those things and more on macupdate.

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AIFF to mp3 (in audio needs) a Large TIFF or JPEG to a very Small size in jpeg

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JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW…I ended making a couple of automator services, and they work but I still want apps to batch all of that without the need to use a couple of iApps

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I’ve used Photo Drop and it works pretty good. You set your specs, then make a droplet which can be place anywhere…then just drop a photo or folder onto it to process them. Not new, but works.

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