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What media player do you use and think is best?

Asked by prasad (3859points) October 21st, 2009

I’ve been using many; windows media player, media player classic (kodec), gom player, vlc player, real player, power dvd player, quick time player, etc.

I use windows media player for general purpose and mp3s (I prefer it over winamp). Media player classic, gom player and vlc player for playing .flv files. Vlc and gom come in handy when I try to load subtitles (dialogs), though gom has better adjustments for subtitles than vlc. Also, brightness/contrast can be adjusted through keyboard in gom player. Real player plays it but somewhat crowded. Quick time for .mov files.
I don’t know how but power dvd player offers the best video quality I have ever seen (I have some dvds, .vob files, power dvd plays it with superior quality than vlc). Power dvd UI is somewhat confusing, but has good looks. Are there any other players like power dvd that play/show high quality? just asking.

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iTunes for mp3s.
Whatever is OSX’s native DVD player for DVDs.
VLC for everything else.

But I’m one of those pretentious Mac users.

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and also a mac user..

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Oh sorry, I forgot to tell, I have Windows XP SP 3.

Edit: What is iTunes? Is it for Windows? Or is it just for playing tunes from iphones/ipods?

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iTunes will work on both Mac and PC. It is pretty versatile and is my preferred app on either platform.

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It’s available for windows, yeah. It is the main way that one can update an iPod (that is to say, it is the standard “syncing” program for ipods/iphones) but even if you don’t have an iPod, it is just a really good media player.

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Whatever opens when I select a media file.

In Windows I use iTunes, in Linux I use Amarok.

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Is iTunes free for download and free from any threats? What size approximately? Since I’ve formatted my pc thrice and I don’t want to take any risk.

Edit: Does iTunes play .flv, .avi, .vob (and other dvd formats), .mov and other media formats? And does it play high quality like power dvd player?

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Yes, iTunes is free and I don’t think you need to worry about “threats” in a media player.

Download: iTunes

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iTunes for sure
also look at Songbird, seems to have a lot of potential.

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I use Winamp. VLC for videos if I have to.

iTunes was nothing but a pain in the ass in all 4 of the times that I’ve tried it.

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Windows Media Player for audio, maybe it’s the best option for audio, I’m not sure; and VLC media player for videos, which is probably the best option for videos.

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people complain about itunes all the time when i mention that i use it, but i have never ever ever had a problem with it. it’s a lot simpler in my opinion than some of the other players out there.

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Winamp for music, Media Player Classic for video. Been using this same config for close to 10 years.

I’ve never used iTunes because it is too obtrusive.

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Can someone describe why Winamp and VLC are such good products to use?

lercio's avatar for Audio.

Songbird is also good.

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@Fred931 I use VLC because when I’m watching videos, I don’t want any wasteful fancy features. I just want a simple program to open and play my videos.

As far as Winamp vs iTunes goes?
First off, I really dislike just the look of iTunes. That’s just something subjective though.
Bottom line really is that iTunes does what it wants, and you’re just along for the ride. Winamp shares the music experience with you.

In Winamp, I’ve got global keybinds set to play, pause, stop, next song, previous song, toggle shuffle, raise/lower volume, skip 5 seconds ahead/previous, and there are plenty more keybinds that I don’t use.
iTunes you have.. previous and next song. I haven’t found any other hotkeys.

When I first install iTunes, it goes through all of my shit and adds plenty of .mp3 files that aren’t in my music directory, and aren’t music. Winamp waits for me to tell it where to search.

I like that all Winamp pieces are all modules. While iTunes is just one big block (well, I guess it can transform into a smaller block).
If I want a small window up that can fit at the top of my screen, while not covering anything important, to show what’s playing? I can get that. If I want to see my entire playlist, I can. If I want my entire library, I can see it.

I also hate how the songs organize on the iTunes window. On winamp, I intentionally have everything shown in a specific order: Artist – Year – Album – Tracknumber – Title
With iTunes, I could never get the albums to order themselves chronologically, while keeping track number in order. (and yes, THAT is something that’s important to me.)

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For music, wmp.

Showtime 5 (Nero 9) for its unparalleled avchd playback with NVidia’s hardware acceleration enabled but also low rez video files that need upscaling and h264 files in the mkv format (though VLC does a great job with mkv files as well).

For DVDs, PowerDVD for its trueHD improvements. I simply haven’t found anything better. Sound is stellar as well.

VLC mostly as a backup in case of incompatibility with the main players, and also for convenient features like cropping. I also use it for fast previews.

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I use VLC for everything…I never have a problem with it.

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@Jack_Haas Yeah, I like Nero Showtime also. I used one that came with Nero 7 ultra. I too haven’t seen high definition than Power DVD for DVDs

@Sarcasm Thanks for pointing out the differences. I have been using some of those features of Winamp unknowingly.

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And another advantage for PowerDVD; it doesn’t come loaded with problem-prone bloatware!

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