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How long should I wait to persue a new relationship after a breakup?

Asked by TEBOWHEISMAN07 (37points) February 3rd, 2008

well, i just got out of an 8 month relationship, it didn’t end too great but my ex and i are still friends, but i broke up wiht her because i liked this other girl, and i was wondering if you think it’s been to recent since the break up to ask her out, the break-up occured on jan. 30, 2008

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I say if you like the girl then go for it… What’s the point in putting off something that could have been..

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i agree with fallstand, but then again. you might burn bridges if you start dating the other girl so soon? i’m not sure. but another point of view could be if you and the other girl are meant to start dating, you’ll end up together anyways.

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If you don’t care what your ex thinks of you go for it. If you want to try to remain friends I’d strongly avoid it. If you start dating this new girl, it will look like you left the old one for the new one. If you don’t mind that, then go for it.

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yikes. that sounds REALLY soon to me. i agree with perchik’s comments.

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Does the new girl know about the old girl? You run the risk of having the new one find out and she could be totally turned-off because you are willing to trade-up whenever you feel like it.

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I would wait a couple of weeks. That way the new girl won’t be as worried that she is a rebound and you will be able to maintain a better relationship with your ex. It just makes you seem like a better guy.


would it be alright do ya’ll think if i started just talking with this girl you know get her number and so on?

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I think that is way too soon, but maybe that’s just me.

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Not too soon. And it’s not for any other reason except that you would need enough time and recharge yourself for the next person to get involve with you.

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