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What are some examples of greed and generosity in the novel the appenticeship of duddy kravitz?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) October 21st, 2009 from iPhone
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I wouldn’t ask here. People have been known to give erroneous answers when they think someone is asking them to do their homework.

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I agree with Judi. If it looks like homework, smells like homework, and walks like a duck….:P

If this isn’t a homework question, you might want to add a few more details to get the answer you seek..

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The part where that guy gave the thing to the other guy.

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@drdoombot Really? I thought that was more an example of ennui.

Duddy purchases land with his grandfather in mind, intent on giving him a farm and the best retirement his money can buy. A studious boy, Lennie falls in with a crowd of well-off students during university who take advantage of him The friendship between Duddy and Cuckoo ends when Duddy tells Cuckoo that he lacks talent. Uncle Benjy has always favoured Duddy’s brother Lennie, who wants to become a doctor, and is concerned about Duddy’s ambitions. After Mr. Friar wordlessly and suddenly abandons his work with Duddy, one of Duddy’s New York contacts is offered a job on the distribution side of the movie business, driving around and show the movies.

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Wow…There’s a wiki page dedicated to this book…..Wonder if wiki does homework?

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Uh-oh, are we sure @grumpyfish is right?

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Sounds like a good homework question to me.

And it might be fun for you to figure this out for yourself.

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@pdworkin All I said was factual, assuming wikipedia can be believed (I just copied random sentences from it). Mrs. Grumpyfish didn’t agree with me posting that way, but I thought it might be fun =)

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I’m so relieved that @grumpyfish was right after all!

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Uh oh! It looks like the only way @desiree333 is going to know if any of the answers here are right is to read the book! or maybe go here

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