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Have you ever experienced these symptoms and could you help me identify the cause?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) October 21st, 2009

Several times in my life this has happened to me. It is sometimes accompanied by flu-like symptoms but not always. It starts with a burp. The burp has a nasty smell/taste to it. It’s sulfury and disgusting. The smell/taste grows more intense with each burp. After each burp I begin to get nauseous. The burps continue until the nauseousness makes me vomit. sometimes that will be the end of it, but sometimes it will continue. I don’t think it’s related to the food I eat, but I’m not 100% sure. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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Here is a link
I found where others talk about having the same problem and what they were diagnosed with.

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Interesting… in reading @RedPowerLady‘s link, ulcer seems a likely cause. The good news is that many (most?) ulcers can be treated with antibiotics these days.

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It’s happened to me on two occasions. The burps are the worst, much worse than a fart. My poor family had to endure them but at least they didn’t have to taste them as I did. I also had the flu like symptoms (but no vomiting. I never vomit unless alcohol is involved.) and spent much of the time on the toilet. I was pretty miserable. I figure it’s just some kind of stomach bacterial infection. Fortunately after a couple of days the symptoms subsided and I was okay. Hope it passes soon for you.

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The link provided described the symptoms somewhat accurately but It only happens to me once or twice a year so I don’t think it could be an ulcer

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The flu-like symptoms with burping could also indicate a gallbladder inflammation…If vomiting ever follows get to the ER quick.

@jaketheripper, Does this happen after eating rich foods?

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I was going to suggest an ulcer. I used to date a man who had this exact thing happen 3 or 4 times over the course of the two years we dated. The episode usually came on in the evening and lasted the rest of the night. He would sit in a warm bath, which apparently helped for a while. His was definitely due to an ulcer.

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Until you find out exactly what it is, just take Prevacid and Pepto each day, that should help your system a little.

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Have you eaten undercooked eggs or chicken in the prior 12 hours. I have had similar symptoms and was treated for Salmonella.

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Could it be heartburn or a hiatal hernia? I think i’ve had burps like that from what I self-diagnosed as heartburn but I didn’t feel flu-like or vomit. Just some pain in vaguely my heart area.

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I had them last night but I went to bed real quick and woke up feeling fine…

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Wow—I’ve had the exact same thing. And the burps are truly horrible—like farting out your mouth.

I had it the worst at the tail end of my trip to Guatemala. I figured it was a stomach bug.

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You need to change your diet big time, and stop eating junk. Sounds like you have acid-reflux disease.

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