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How do you use labels on a scatter map in Microsoft Excel?

Asked by Sinxposed (11points) October 21st, 2009

I have x,y coords in cells B1,C1 and the point label in A1. When i make the chart and hover over each point it shows “Series 1 Point ‘26’ (26,90)’” .. I would like it to show the label in A1, example. “Series 1 Apples (26,90)” or however is easiest… is there anyway to do this??

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Are you using Excel 2007 or 2003?

For 2007 (probably similar in 2003):
After you graph the Scatterplot, add Data Labels (Layout Tab; Data Labels) and here it gets a little tedious depending on how many points you have. Click on one of the Data Labels (all will be selected), click on the same data label again (only the one will be selected) hit the = sign and select on the cell you want to be displayed. This would have to be repeated for each label.

Alternatively, I think you could have each point be it’s own series with the series label being the cell in the A column. Then when you add the Data Labels you would select the Series Name as to be shown in the Data Label Properties. I’m not sure how many series are supported in either version, but I would imagine it would be finite.

I wish I knew of an easier way…

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Name the series. Go in source data, and give the reference of cell A1 in the Series Name.

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