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What do the meaningless "words" on UPS labels mean?

Asked by lrk (757points) October 21st, 2009

The packages I get to my address in northeastern Ohio always have two separate fields (with prefixes I can’t really recall) that always say “PURPLE” and “MIDYEL.”

I assume these have something to do with package routing, but… what?

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Mine always have “Todd” on them. He’s our driver. (And, on ours it’s “orange”. I think it’s his truck or route name)

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sometimes its the route and the region
other times its the route and the driver

either way, its nothing to worry about

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@kibaxcheza I’m not worried, I’m curious!

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@lrk The next time you get a package, ask your driver…I did. He was shocked when I asked his name, since he followed it with “It’s on your box right here” :)

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@SpatzieLover I’m practically never around at the time of delivery :(

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@lrk Leave him a note and say, “Hey I’m so curious…what does this mean?”

The poor drivers are starved for real human contact now. They are tracked by GPS and can’t stand for a moment to talk to any of their delivery homes/biz’s now.

I get lots of deliveries. Todd loves to say hi to my son, since he misses his so much during the work week.

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UPS does the same thing that many dealerships do when the recieve their stock order. On each part is a character, like a rocking horse, a key, a hart, so on and so forth. It just tells the drivers what store it going to. In your case it just tells what region, and driver.

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Interesting, mine always said YELLOW 3, couldn’t figure it out…

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sorry to stray from your actual question

but did you just ask what a “meaningless” word “mean“s…..

whether you realize it or not…that is a beautiful abstract Daoist question

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I work at UPS…I look at about a million packages a night and I have never noticed a color on a package….maybe at the point I’m looking at them, they haven’t put that label on yet. But the warehouses are organized by colored “belts”...I, personally, am a proud member of the pink belt. Anyhow, yeah, I guess I’m no help, but I felt like I should be, so I tried. lol.

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