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Why is YouTube so slow?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) February 4th, 2008

everywhere I try to watch videos on youtube they take forever to load! Is anyone else getting slow youtube?

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Are you watching them on the edge network?

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If you are using iphone on edge it is slow if you are using iphone on wifi it is much faster. On my PC it runs fine

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No I’m on my computer, but even Vimeo and things like that are takig ages to load, but only flash players…!? It isn’t my browser because I tried Opera and Firefox after Safari and they are all doing it. Perhaps my ISP is intentionally slowing down flash videos or is that just crazy?

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Try uninstalling and reinstalling both Flash and Java.

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its not slow, check whether theres some problem with your computer’s hardware or software or some trouble with your network, what about the performance when brower some other video sites ?

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It’s been super slow (or not loading at all) for me all day too and I have a great connection at both work and at home. My work and home both have different isps so I know it’s not the isp. At first I thought it was because I was trying to play longer clips or popular clips but it’s going just as slow on the short obscure ones as well.

Other sites, including my MMOs like WoW work great as always…

I don’t mean to answer the question with another question so I’ll just tell you that you’re not alone and maybe youtube has heavy traffic tonight or they’re busy taking down great videos for one reason or another. Either way, I suggest just waiting it out till tomorrow and hoping for the best!

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You’d be slow too, if you’d lost 500 million bucks last year.

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I had similar problem weeks ago. My connection is fast enough but Youtube videos were loading really slow.

Changing DNS servers did the trick on my end.

Here is detailed guide how to do it:

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Thank you! That did the trick. Not only did your link resolve my youtube issue, but finding your response introduced me to the world of fluther.

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