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I am going to be moving, what is the best and safest way to look for an apartment?

Asked by Naked_Homer (2155points) October 22nd, 2009

I would like to live in part of an old house. I am not sure where the best adverts are for such things.
Where would they be listed now a days?
What organizations can I use to check on the landlords or Ladies?
It has been a while since I have done this. Thank you in advance.

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@Naked_Homer There are sure to be some free listing newsprints in your area, (called a greenbook around here I believe) usually found in local restaurants and such.

Also, Craigslist is a great place to find stuff like that. I’m actually checking out a place today I found via craigslist

Finally, a local real estate agent might know of places like that, not to use thier services and pay but just to get the contact information.

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Do you know anyone in the area you’re moving to? You could ask him or her to keep an eye out for for rent signs on well maintained old house conversions.

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The safest way would probably be going through a well-recommended rental agency. However, you could try doing your homework on the area so you know which areas to avoid and which will be nice and safe, and then checking out the for-rent ads in any local newspaper or on Craig’s List.

Unless you are a police officer, they only way to check out potential landlords would be to talk to their neighbors, or to discover who their former tenants were and talk to them.

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Ive used craigslist to find most of my places. i usually know what general area i want to live in, then find places in that area on craigslist. once i find a place to look at, i research the street (crime reports, etc), drive by it before i do a walk-through, etc.

as regards landlords, you can always ask the other tenants, if it’s an apartment building, or request the contact info for the previous tenant from them.

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Are you in the US? Since you use adverts I am assuming you aren’t. Since you mention checking the landlords…In the US Apartment complexes or buildings are the most likely to have quick service if you have a problem while renting. Many individual owners have a service contract in place if there is a plumbing or appliance problem. I would use a realtor if I wanted to rent someone’s house or go directly to an apartment complex’s rental office. Also, there are usually rental property books at the front of supermarkets you can brouse through.

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Great ideas all. Thanks.
@JLeslie – I am in the US I am just lazy and didn’t want to type out advertisements.

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sometimes you will find apartments of the type you’re referring to listed on bulletin boards in the local supermarket. people that don’t use real estate agencies, just want to post their apt. look for “multi family home” or “mother in law apartment.”

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