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How to make or buy an animated timer graphic for use in video?

Asked by aprilsimnel (30671points) October 22nd, 2009

I’m looking for an animated timer or clock that I could drop into the lower-third of a video and set it for a 5 minute countdown. Is this something that I could either buy or learn to create myself in an Adobe environment? Where would I find this? My Google-fu has failed me thus far.

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The best timers out there are probably made in Flash. If you happen to have the program, you can learn how to make one in Flash here, then import the video to Flash and apply it over the footage.

If you don’t have Flash or don’t want to take the time to learn all that, there are some you can download. Googling “Flash Countdown Timers” brings up some good results.

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If you have some kind of program that lets you layer photos over the video on a separate layer. you could just make a series of pictures, PNG with a transparent background. and drop them in over your video on a higher layer. then just distribute them on their appropiate frames.

if your video is running at 24fps, then just change the picture each 24 frames to account for the second that has passed.

if you need miliseconds, you will need to do what @ParaParaYukiko said. just make sure you have a good codec pack if you do, flash likes to put glitches on videos when you render them, specially if you are using motion tweens or easing.

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You can buy ready-made animations of all kinds, including, I’m sure, timers. Goggle it.

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