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Has anyone ever been to a party at the Playboy mansion, and should I sieze the opportunity to go?

Asked by tinyfaery (42726points) October 22nd, 2009

I have the opportunity to go to the Playboy mansion for a Holloween party. The wife really wants to see the mansion, but I am very hesitant. I do not want to dress like a bunny. I do not want to feel like the only non-porn people there.

What is it like? Has anyone ever been to a party at the Playboy mansion? What can I expect?

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Holy Crap…I’d go just for the experience & to be able to say “Hey, I partied with Hef!” Did I mention I’m a Catholic mom with a toddler? GO FOR IT!!!

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For 50 years, Hefner has been promoting the idea that Playboy isn’t porn, that his magazine features nice girls.

So go to the party. At the very least, you’ll have stories to tell.

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I would, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Hugh Hefner likes to hook up (or appear to hook up) with young blonde identical twins. to me that seems more borderline tragic than anything else. mutual exploitation. it has a kind of seedyness to it. I would probably turn down the invitation. the party would depress me spiritually. so rather than accept an invitation to the world of hungry ghosts I would do something else that night.

(I actually hate porn in general.)

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If you don’t, I will.

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I agree – and I think you’d look back with regret if you didn’t…

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Don’t even think about it…GO!

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OMG! Seriously!? If you are really reluctant, I will take one for the team and go with your wife.

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Connections to the mansion.. You’re going straight into my Fluther :P I’d say go for it too, simply because it will be a unique experience that will get you plenty of new material for personal anecdotes. If you see Heff kick him in the nuts for me, not that he uses them anymore.

Ps. If a guy asked this he would be accused of showing off or lying.

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I would at least go. If you get bad vibes you can simply leave. But it would make for a good story.

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Go, and think of it as cultural anthropological research. Should be interesting, in a misogynistic way.

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See…if I had gone to UCLA, this is what I could be doing!

I even have a Playboy shot glass and a Playboy T-shirt (we went to the Playboy store in Vegas, mkay?)

I think it would be cool just to go to see what it’s like and say you went. It’s not like you would have to do anything you don’t want to. What @johnpowell said. You can always leave if you don’t like it.

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Go for the experience! You don’t have to dress as a bunny, but I think you should probably show some skin.
I know someone who went to a party at the mansion. He had no contact with Hef, and didn’t have access to the grotto. There were just lots of pretty people and it was a decent party.

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I would definitely go.

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Don’t know what you should do, but I can say that I’d probably skip out.

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If you think you’ll have fun then go. If it doesn’t sound like you’ll enjoy it then don’t go.

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Totally go! I’m sure they have a vast collection of people at their parties. Not everyone who goes to those things is a centerfold and dresses like a stripper. You can always leave if you’re uncomfortable, but you’ll regret it if you don’t go at all!

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I have been to a couple of parties there and they are very professional and sort of fun. I say sort of fun because there are about five different rooms the party is happening in. Both of them were this summer and I have to say…... Super tame.

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If you’re going to feel absolutely alienated, and uncomfortable then no, don’t do it. Fuck it being the playboy mansion, that really doesn’t mean anything when you boil down to the facts. Will you enjoy your self? Will you be comfortable? Will you even be able to have a conversation with anyone like minded at a party like that? If the answers are yes, then go. If they’re no, then don’t. Your wife will get over it in time.

It could be fun, or it could be weird (sometimes ‘weird’ isn’t enough to warrant a ‘no’ however heh), the choice is ultimately yours, and can only really be based on how you feel about it. Everyone here is just going to so ‘go go go! It’s the Playboy mansion!’. Pfft.

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Not everyone gets that invitation. If this is something your wife really wants to do, why not? It might even be fun.

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so rather than accept an invitation to the world of hungry ghosts I would do something else that night
Interesting take, but one hardly needs go to the Playboy mansion to see this realm. It’s the American way and all around us. You might have to leave the planet to escape it. But kudos to you for not choosing to indulge in it.

I suppose I would have to seriously consider why I would want to go or not go. On the one hand it seems like a novel hip thing to do and God all that flesh :), but on the other hand I really don’t think of the lifestyle as anything more than a glorified pile of silly string and silicone. As a once in a lifetime experience of a particular and seductive corner of samsara, I’d probably go. For God’s sake it might be 200 lifetimes before I was given the opportunity again. :)~

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My wife is sooo jealous right now, she said if you really really don’t want to go then we’ll take your place :-)

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Sure, it would just be cool. besides the Mansion needs to host more seXXi thick chicks.

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Crap! That’d be awesome. I’d totally go just for the experience and to be able to tell people I went to the motherfucking Playboy mansion!
If you don’t go, can I go in your place?

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I believe in seizing opportunities to have extraordinary experiences, as long as they are not dangerous or illegal. I would jump at the chance just out of curiosity. I’ll bet there’s plenty of people there who aren’t porn people. If you find it hateful and offensive, you can at least find it hateful and offensive for what it is and not for what you imagine it to be.

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I’m not even into boobs, and I’d STILL jump at the chance to go to a party at such a legendary place.

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Get yourself there my darling, a chance to visit the illustrious house, go, you can always just find a nice quite spot in the pool, corner and enjoy the free food and booze!

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If you go and have a terrible time, you still have bragging rights for the rest of your life.

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It won’t just be porn stars. Soldiers will be in attendance too. It sounds fun and it is also supporting a good cause. I would definitely go!

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What’s going on with all the Lurve in this thread.. Porn doesn’t replace love people ;)

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Damn, that’s a lot of money. I’m going for free. Oh. I will be attending. A coworker of mine has been t a few parties and he said it’s very tame, with excellent food. I’m there.

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@tinyfaery Have fun! I’m so envious!

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@tinyfaery, please come back to this thread and tell us all about it. Especially if you manage to do any snooping.

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Well. The part of the estate/house that I saw was spectacular, though not really to my taste. The Halloween decor was very professional. There were so many siliconed, fake-tanned, botoxed women that I felt like one of the only non-enhanced women there. Plus, my wife and I were not showing nearly enough skin. There were a few real people there. We didn’t stay long. The food was fabulous, but the company wasn’t very stimulating. Ha!

2 outstanding moments, though. Mike Tyson handed me a piece of cake, and I and the wife got a kiss from Paris Hilton. Turns out she loves lesbians, and we are so cute.

I’m glad I went, because now I never have to worry about going ever again.

We went to WeHo after and had a much better time. Do you know that you can smoke pot out in the open there and no one cares?

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@tinyfaery What’s WeHo? West Hollywood?

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Is it true that West Hollywood has a big gay community? That was the impression I got driving through it.

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Oh @DominicX <<shakes head, smiles and gives the oh you innocent little child look>>

I cannot tell you how gay WeHo is. L.A. has a big gay population (and if you take a look at gay history you will see that L.A. has always been at the forefront of gay culture, community and activism, even more so than S.F.). Not all live in WeHo but the clubs, bars and gay centered retail is centered in West Hollywood. It’s very gay male. And all the little WeHo gay boys (and I say that with love) congregate there.

You should come to Christopher Street West some year. It’s the longest running and first gay Pride parade outside of N.Y. It’s much more tame then S.F., but the cute gay boys are here in WeHo.

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That’s interesting. I’ve actually been to the San Diego Gay Pride Parade (I went with my boyfriend before he was my boyfriend. We then saw Bruno right afterward…lol). It was pretty tame and I liked it that way. All I know is I did like West Hollywood when I went there. That whole area around UCLA-Beverly Hills is the best part of the L.A. area and if there are cute gay boys there, that’s even better. I do plan on going back to L.A. sometime next year, so if I get a chance to go to Christopher Street West, I probably will.

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