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Condoms! Okay to flush down the toilet or not?

Asked by judochop (16070points) October 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

My girlfried just yelled at me for flushing one down and then proceeded to school me on why it’s bad. It makes sense to me and I won’t be flushing anymore but I am wondering…. Do you flush them too? Is this
something you’ve ever given thought too?

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Your girlfriend is right. Don’t flush them, they don’t break down. It is especially a problem if you are on a septic system.

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No. not unless you want to be swimming in shit the next day. Not romantic at all.

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The can clog up your toilet.
I used to have my partners flush them until a college roomie got stuck with a clogged toilet after a particularly active weekend. Wrap em in TP and stick them in the trash.

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Fill it with helium so we can call you ballon boy 2 !:P

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Definitely will clog your system up over time. Try flushing a balloon and see what happens.

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Out of curiosity, why would you think to do this in the first place, as opposed to the trash can? Do you make a habbit of flushing used disposable items down the toilet, or are condoms special in some way?

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I’ve always flushed. I guess you learn something new everyday.

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Oy! As a property manager, this is a nightmare. The only thing that should go into a waste pipe is waste, not trash.

If you put condoms into your toilet, then what do you think you can put down a garbage disposal?

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what about food? Like cereal and milk remnants, for those of us without garbage disposals? I mean food before can’t be that much different than food after right? At least not to a toilet…

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@patg7590 Again, why? What is your perceived benefit of flushing things down the toilet instead of throwing them away?

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@MrItty you don’t want liquid in your garbage bags! What if it rips?

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If it didnt come out of your body and its not toilet paper, DONT FLUSH IT

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No, the latex can clog the drain.

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hey @uberbatman , stop being so toilet intolerant. Yeesh. Here in America I’ll flush whatever I damn well please. ;]

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@patg7590 strain the liquid into the sink, then toss the cereal.

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@SpatzieLover I’m beginning to see how lazy I am…
But seriously folks, If a toilet can handle feces, why cant it handle a little soggy cereal?

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@patg7590 It might be able to. However, what do you plan to tell the plumber if it doesn’t?

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@patg7590 you need to buy better garbage bags.

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@SpatzieLover I understand the practical application, I just don’t understand why. How can it have a problem with milk and not water or urine; or with corn flake mash and not feces?

@MrItty yes this is true, but accidents can still happen

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@patg7590 pay no attention to these anal retentive folks, you can flush anything biodegradable in the toilet. poop, cereal, whatever. My nephew is a plumber and he’s says it’s fine. Just not pizza crusts or half eaten Big Macs. And no Twinkies either, those things won’t break down in a landfill.

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If you know how to use a plunger it probably want ever be too much of a problem. I wouldn’t do it with a septic tank though.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra Can you flush rabbit poop? That clogged my own toilet once

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that’s one big rabbit.

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@judochop the little raisin poops all clumped together in the waste stack ;) My mom’s idea to flush, not mine BTW

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@SpatzieLover sure, one little turd at a time. =)

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@MrItty i sense you are trying to antagonise.

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@F1 And having your first post in the thread be a personal attack would be…. what, exactly?

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Maybe someone can invent a “fun flusher” appliance designed for flushing random objects.

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Don’t use them so you need not worry

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yeah i heard it’s not good to flush them down the toilet…my boyfriend does though so often and we haven’t had any problems, sooo hmm i don’t know but your best bet is to just put it in a little trash bag and throw it away…stop being lazy lol cause i know the reason why alot of guys flush it is because after sex, they go to the restroom to pee anyway [or is that just my boyfriend lol] but it’s just easier…

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NO! Only toilet paper and human waste can go down the toilet, not even tampons

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@Violet Why not cardboard applicators and tampons? I’ve always flushed mine and never had a single problem.

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@Likeradar it’s not your toilet/plumbing that is the issue, it is the treatment facility:
what not to flush


I just knot them (where the opening is) tightly so that the “contents” don’t spill out, and throw them in the garbage (perhaps with a bit of tissue paper wrapped around thing), but not where my little ones can see or find them.

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