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How to cram one page full of notes for a test?

Asked by Russter (242points) October 22nd, 2009

Here’s the scenario:

I am going to take a test on Saturday in which my teacher will let me use both sides of a normal sized paper for notes. I will be able to use this paper on the test.

Here’s the question:

What software or method would be best for creating the page of notes and getting as much information on it possible, making it so there is very little white space left on the page (but still making it readable?).

Printing is an option—so I can do this on the computer.

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Why not use an easy to read text on the smallest print you can read?

I’d break it into easily findable paragraphs or outline form.

What subject is this for?

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I don’t have any ideas but wanted to say good luck! :)

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If you have to use a special method to cram in your notes: Ur doin it wrong.

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I would boldface key terms so you can find them easily.

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If you cram a large amount of information onto the sheet, you’re not going to be able to find anything. You’re going to spend all your time searching for things. Just write down all the really important stuff and know the rest.

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Organize your sheet WELL. I always found it easier to hand-write a sheet than to print one out, since you have better control over organization – columns, etc. It’s also easier to make things bigger or smaller.

I say just try writing one out. You might not fit everything on it the first time, but you’ll have a better idea of what is most important, what you think you can remember, and just how much smaller you’re going to have to write to get everything you need on there.

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I can tell you from experience that the act of typing up notes does help you learn/remember more of the subject matter. So you will need only key facts to help jog your memory depending on what type of class this is for).

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In my experience the kids who try to squeeze every last bit of information on the paper never do as well as they could. When I was in high school I’d only put the stuff I’d forget easily, or would get mixed up, and I never depended on it heavily during the test. It can be more of a crutch than a help if used improperly.

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What is the subject matter?

And are you better at remembering process or content?—the how to or the what?

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It seems to me you are using a great amount of energy to figure out a way to put notes on a piece of paper to pass a test. You have even resorted to asking us. I think you should be take time to study and actually LEARN instead of going this route. You will feel much better about yourself be. What teacher allows notes during a test anyway?

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Writing as much as you can on a single piece of paper works against you. You end up spending too much time searching through your notes. The thing to do is organize.
Make an outline and highlight the most important parts in the details.
That way you can find information quicker.

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The best way to do this is to write out the notes in as many pages as you need, then summarize and condense, summarize and condense. 8 pt type, .2 margins. In word, under Format>Paragraph, set the line spacing to single line At: .5. This will pack in the text. Use colors, bolding and varying fonts to highlight terms.

Rewriting and summarizing your notes multiple times will result in actually learning the material, BTW.

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You can do it just fine in a standard text editor. Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.

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Type it all out, and shrink it to the smallest font. Bring it to the test with a magnifying glass. Seriously! This is exactly what I would do.

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If you have access to a photocopier, I find it useful to create 8 pages of “normal” size notes, then shrink each page to one quarter page size. You can then tape/glue/staple/whatever those 8 sheets to your single sheet of paper. At that size, it’s still legible, and because you originally created the 8 sheets, you know exactly what information is where.

You can also create sheets of notes in Word and then use the page setup and margins to shrink them down for printing. Of course, combining this approach and the photocopier gives you lots of options.

Best of luck!

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One of my classmates suggested Microsoft Publisher. I think that is going to work great.

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Go ahead and get the notes down on that one piece of paper-but don’t freak out because by writing/typing all that stuff out, you’re essentially studying.

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write really small.

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We’re allowed to have note pages in tests at school but I’m amazed that you’re allowed to type them up. Ours have to hand-written in our own handwriting, so they’re actually a really good method for learning (and a great lifeline for the times when you really can’t remember).

I’d suggest handwriting them – at least I remember things better when I hand write them – and use columns. Work out the area of the page and the amount of info you want to include and then calculate how much area you can have for each point.

If you need 8 pages of notes as some have suggested then I reckon you’re not comfortable enough with the information anyway – it’s what you do with the info that counts. Perhaps spend more time studying so when it comes to the test the ‘cheat sheet’ (what we call ‘em) will just be your lifeline for memory lapses.

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Good Luck xx

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learn the material the first time instead

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