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Is being a womens lacrosse goalie hard, and or difficult?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) October 22nd, 2009

Yes, I know everything takes practice and everything is hard at first. But I just want to know from lacrosse players or goalies, is it hard? My school just started a lacrosse team and I was thinking of being goalie, It looks difficult but practice makes perfect. Please describe the position the equipment, and the difficulty of it. Please and thank you !

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In sports, any role is only as difficult as your opposing team.

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With all of the equipment, the ball will not hurt as much as you think. Goalies are tough and admired. If you want it, go for it, bruises be damned.

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I played field hockey in high school. It was fun. Just be really attentive: try to get a feel for where the ball is going and you’ll be OK.

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I play lacrosse and I hate being goaly, just because I never learned at school and now that I play adult mixed it’s really scary seeing the big men run towards me and pelt the rubber ball. But I suggest learning now while it’s just you and girls and you get the proper training and then it would be really rewarding, you can train yourself to have really quick reflexes and not be afraid of the ball, and that will make you a better on field player too. Do it!

You get lots of padding, though not on the arms and shins, well, I don’t know lacrosse isn’t very popular here so we might not have all the right equipment but we have the torso plates, thigh pads and a box for guys and just a flap for girls :P and a big helmet, and gloves, and you get a bigger stick than normal lacrosse sticks so in that way it makes it easier to stop the ball. when the ball hits you it will sting because it is small and solid rubber and you will bruise or welt but it shouldn’t ever break anything.

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Hi i am a womens lacrosse goalie in 9th grade. Honestly the brusies will hurt some parts of your body are not covered and chances are you will get hit in that area. Its expensive to start especially if your school doenst provide goalie equ.(in some cases it is required for the school to buy goalie equ.) At the first practice it was hard, theres a lot of running A LOT. we actually are a very good team and finish in top for tournaments. YOU WILL BE PUSHED. DO expect to practice out of practices otherwise youll suck. I recommend going to summer camps (3days) those really help. BUT GO FOR IT IF YOU NEED MORE HELP JUST ASK.
honestly if you stick with it, youll love it and always remember if they score a goal on you theres 11 players who also couldnt stop it(:

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