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If you were a restaurant owner what would you think of this situation?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12551points) October 22nd, 2009

So when we were dining out yesterday we encountered an interesting situation. This took place at a restaurant and not a fast-food joint.

As we drove into the parking space we noticed a huge truck parked at the front of the parking lot next to the building. It was a Pest Control truck. So we seriously considered if we were going to eat there or not. We decided to call the restaurant and ask if they were having pest problems. They were so shocked at the question that we were sure they were telling the truth when they said “no”. And later we did see the men that belonged to that truck were simply patrons (as we were seated next to a window).

If you were a restaurant owner would you say something to these patrons? Or would you suck it up for business sake?

On a humorous note what other similar circumstances could be a problem for a restaurant or store owner?

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Not entirely too sure. I think It’d suck it up for business sake. The exposure was apparently minimal, and for what 45 minutes to an hour? Not the end of the world.

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I would leave them be, they came there for food, they should get some food. You got to eat when you got to eat.

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@Menekali Well they were there for about 2 hours because we drove in previously but had to go run an errand before we came back to dine and they were Very visible. Not that I don’t agree with you but just to make that clear.

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First off, seeing a pest control truck outside a restaurant wouldn’t even phase me. I would assume they were customers..because when they do work, they should park out back so they can enter the kitchen easily.
Also, every restaurant has bugs. It’s a fact of life. They all get bug treatments to keep it under control. So, it wouldn’t bother me if I saw it…but I probably wouldn’t eat there at that moment.

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@casheroo every restaurant has bugs. It’s a fact of life. Huh? I’d prefer to believe (even wrongly so) that it isn’t true.

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Maybe I should also ask what one would do as a patron. I assume that seeing a Pest Control truck outside a restaurant would cause alarm in most people.

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“every restaurant has bugs. It’s a fact of life. Huh? I’d prefer to believe (even wrongly so) that it isn’t true.”
I’ve worked in quite a few, believe me, its very true. and bugs really arent your biggest problem. Think rodents

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for me it depends on the quality of the restaurant. if i where in charge of a high quality restaurant they would have not even made it through the door. not unless they where suit and tie truckers with polished shoes.

however, if i am serving 30 dollar stakes and 10 dollar bottles of wine, and its just a regular restaurant, then sure, let them eat. i may have asked them to park in a particular spot or something, but probably not even that.

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@uberbatman did you read the (even wrongly so) part or do you just like freaking me out? :)

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the latter to be perfectly honest :P

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We’ve had restaurant ratings in L.A. for over a decade. No bugs allowed. How do you know where to eat? You brave people.

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I’m with @casheroo. I’d assume they were patrons and would not be where people could see if they were there to work, so it wouldn’t bother me.

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I don’t think most people would think of it. The owners sounded really surprised, right? And if the pest people are at this restaurant, they probably go tons of other places in that truck, too.

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@Haleth And if the pest people are at this restaurant, they probably go tons of other places in that truck, too.

That is precisely what got me thinking about this question, lol.

However I find it hard to believe that people would not think twice about entering a rest. with a pest control truck sitting squarely outside. This is a nice rest. not a ‘dairy queen’.

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I don’t think I would want to go into a restaurant with a coroner’s van in front of it either.

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I had a friend who was a restaurant inspector for the state health department. He always said if people could see the way most kitchens look, you would never eat out!

But hell, I just figure a couple of bugs aren’t going to kill me. Just so I don’t get e coli or botulism.

One time I was going to a new dentist in a new city. As I was waiting I could hear someone whining about it hurting and a voice saying stop your whining, it doesn’t hurt. I thought maybe it was a kid in there but in a few minutes out comes this big hunk of a man. I thought oh shit and I bolted, never went back there again. Nothing to do with a restaurant but for some reason this reminded me of that story

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@rooeytoo OMG I’d leave right away too, what the heck?

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If I were the restaurant then I’d just buck it up that a patron pulled their work truck so close to the building. It happens.

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I would be glad that the restaurant took the time to control the pests instead of ignoring that they will have them. Anywhere you have a large concentration of food and the resulting food scraps, you’re going to have pests. The restaurant that doesn’t take care of them is the one I don’t want to go to. When I say pests, I mean bugs and rodents.

As for being the restaurant owner, I think I would be happy that someone is eating there!

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We used to have restrurants and the Health inspector always ate at our place. He stated that he knew what kitchens to stay away from!!
Also, all eating establishments battle critters bug and small. It really is a fact of life. I’d rather eat at a place that has a regular pest service.
Putting the shoe on the other foot…... I work for local government and one day I was in a company car. Since it was my lunch time I pulled into a strip mall with a deli in it. The only parking spot happened to be right in front of a bar. My boss heard about this before I even got back!! Since I don’t drink, we all had a good laugh.

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Most times if a service is being provided, they come in the back door and often in non business times. I can see the concern though. It is similar to seeing an ambulance parked out front. You aren’t sure if the paramedics are there for lunch or on business.

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Mmm, backdoor service…

Wait… What?

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Things you’d rather not have parked outside your resaurant:

The paramedics picking up their takeout (“Oh, great! There’s a dead person in a booth.”)
The Jenny Craig corporate car (“Maybe I should go on a diet.”)
And of course…
The Animal Control truck. (“Are they picking up or delivering?”)

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