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A girl is feeling weak during her periods, there's no chemist around what should she take?

Asked by sumitnxt (108points) October 23rd, 2009

a girl is feeling weak . she’s having her periods , we can’t get her glucose as no chemist is around. what should she consume to feel stronger

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Magnesium, natural sugar, all kinds of good stuff in bananas. Worth a shot.

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Raisins, dried apricots are high in iron and are good for temporary anemia.

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She should take a taxi cab to a chemist that IS open.

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What my wife does is break a few windows, scream at me, and shop for 9 hours buying useless shit. That makes her feel better.

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Iron & orange juice. (get her blood panel checked. Anemia may need treatment by a doc)

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I’m a bit late to this question, but I wouldn’t draw a straight line between “feeling weak” and “having her period” and assume the two things are automatically connected. Does she always feel this way when she has her period? Most of the blood lost during a period has developed inside the uterus during the previous 3 weeks, it’s not coming directly from her bloodstream. And average total blood loss over an entire period is less than ¼ cup. Yes, some women will bleed more heavily, and women who bleed heavily every month might become anemic, but it would be unusual for a single heavy period to cause generalized symptoms of low blood volume like rapid pulse, low blood pressure and fatigue.

Maybe she hasn’t had enough to eat and drink today, or not enough sleep last night, or she’s coming down with a cold, or anyone of a number of things.

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anything with a high iron content. red meat, green vegetables, parsley, cereal….

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