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Is there an internet site that will search for people's addresses without charging money?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) December 21st, 2006
I know that "White Pages" give you a cursory answer, but you have to pay to go "deeper." Any site that will do it for free?
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Are you looking for a physical address?
sjg102379's avatar usually gives the whole address (unless it's unlisted information, then you have to pay more)
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also if you google that person's name, in quotes ("tom johnson"), followed by the name of the city or state, you often come up with a listing.
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I use Switchboard all the time. It's free and you can get the address, phone # with no problem.
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nah just go to google and type something like “finding people find adress…etc” and you will probably find around 100 sites(estimated)...

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intelius, USA people search, Pipl, etc…

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You can try at it’s free and easy.

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