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Help me create the simplest costume possible!

Asked by ish1212 (163points) October 23rd, 2009

I need something that is really just a slight alteration to my appearance that has a double sort of meaning (like Three-hole punched Jim in that Office episode). I was thinking of doing something hilarious with those “Hello my name is” stickers, although that might be too trite.

P.S: To clarify, I mean Halloween costumes. Thanks.

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@kibaxcheza mentioned on the other thread a nudist on strike.
Just hang a sign around your neck.

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Stick a slice of cheese on your forehead.

Go as the last slice in the fridge.

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My husband has done some of these for office dress up days:

*Dollars & star shapes attached to your shirt with a hat that reads “Starbucks” (Or you can leave people guessing)

*Small cereal boxes on a shirt with a bloody knife for cereal killer

*Use a t-shirt as a costume (such as “I went to see the Wizard and all I got was this Tshirt” or one that has a WiFi detector on the front my husband’s an IT geek)

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@ChazMaz that costume could double as a mouse trap ;)

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Don’t dress up at all, and when people ask what you’re supposed to be, tell them, “A homicidal maniac; they look just like everyone else.” (Yeah, The Addams Family was on TV last night and I had it on for background noise. :D)

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Wear a big smile!

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White dress shirt + white socks + black Raybans = Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

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it is called “naked man”

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wrap yourself in aluminum foil, wrap two beach balls in foil, duct tape them to your knees and go as a chrome vibrator.

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wear a bag on your head

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Cut two white letter ms and attach to two round pillows any way you know how. Wear shirt and pants the same color as the pillows. Hang the pillows one in front and one in back. This is very simple but it’s a mess to try to explain. Your disguise is “m&m”, get it?

But HERE is my favorite.

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