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What question(s) would you put in the "Fluther Hall of Fame" --if there was one?

Asked by IBERnineD (7309points) October 23rd, 2009

I’m talking about the questions that are the most absurd, enlightening, thought provoking, captivating, delightful etc.
Mine would have to be the : cake stalker question. It had an update today and it made me think. It is a classic. I still follow it even though the asker doesn’t anymore and I always will. If there was a Fluther Hall of Fame I would put it in there. Which one(s) would you put in? Why? Do you still follow them?

This question has probably already been asked, but I don’t care.

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@IBERnineD This question has probably already been asked, but I don’t care.


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It wouldn’t be hard to put together: just grab the 25–100 questions with the most “GQ” clicks.

I think Bendrew should get on that immediately.

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The Frizzer question. It still cracks me up!!!

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Yeah, I think the cake stalker is my favorite, too. It’s just so delightfully bizarre and fun to ponder.

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My favorite is one that was removed. One night in CF we saw a certain photo of a certain founder. A few of us who were in there at the time found it funny so we devised a plan. We all changed our avatars to that photo and wrote a question about it. Then we played a game of word association to generate enough answer to get his attention. It’s long gone now, but it’s still one of my favorite memories.

I really enjoy the CIA question. Fluther fact: For those of you who don’t know, @eambos is the only person on that thread whose answer wasn’t removed.
The frizzer question is, of course, a classic.
As in the cake question.
And the pancake question.
The Collective Fluther Story was pretty awesome. It’s even been made into a book (thanks to @richardhenry).
The eye sparkles question. Yet another time we tried to figure out what exactly @pathfinder was asking.
The creation of lol4rl.

This question has a special place in my heart for other reasons. =]

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@Allie Bless you for posting that…I didn’t even know about the lol4rl creation by @andrew

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We can’t forget the marriage proposal either!!

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@Judi That one makes my heart feel all squishy! <3

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BTW @IBERnineD you are the first to create the Fluther Hall of Fame

However, @andrew has a questions asking for links to exemplary questions

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There are many questions like this.

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@SpatzieLover Oh well yay for me creating the Fluther Hall of Fame! :)

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@IBERnineD: My point was not to say that your question isn’t useful or valid… only to link through to some of the older posts that have already compiled lists of the older classics, so they don’t need to be listed over and over again.

There are probably some good conversations that have occurred since the last time a list was compiled, and I’d love to see some listed here. I wasn’t intending to discourage anyone.

A “Hall of Fame” page is actually a good idea, and might be especially beneficial as new members join… to help them get a feel for how the Collective operates, and to be filled-in on what some of the “inside-jokes” are referring to. A fixed page for that would be better than having people trying to compile such lists, and dig through the archives, etc.

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@hearkat Oh I wasn’t discouraged at all! I found the links you gave excellent! I assumed there would be more questions like mine. I was just excited about the Hall of Fame thing! :D

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@IBERnineD: But one I posted those, no one has added anything new… surely there have been some memorable posts since the Zombie hunt?

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@hearkat oh yeah the answers have stopped…but it’s cool just a question :)

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This Butt Juice Bath question deserves the honor of Hall of Fame!

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JP, Markyy and I made a new thread. It’s exemplary. But is modded. :(

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