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Fatigue after bowel movement?

Asked by Clair (3812points) October 23rd, 2009

Ok guys, kinda weird and kinda gross but that’s just how comfortable I am on Fluther! Has anyone else had fatigue after a bowel movement? I’ve looked this up and it’s not uncommon but no one seems to have any answers. Fatigue may be too strong of a word, it’s more like dizziness, weakness, and all you want to do is lie down. (not even sit down.) My energy feels completely drained. I have to recuperate for at least twenty minutes. I’ve tried changed my diet around but nothing seems to help. I’m younger than 20, never been overweight, eat healthy enough. At one point I took vitamins regularly but it didn’t help, just gave me severe mouth ulcers. I have no idea where to go with this. Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions? Obviously, I have to deal with this everyday and it would be a tremendous help. Thanks!

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Are you constipated? Are your stools normally firm, loose or liquid?

Best bet is to contact your doctor. There are tests they might need to do on your stool.

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Yes, you are to young to start the “poop obcession” that a lot of us older folks get. You said you eat healthy. Make sure that your diet includes plenty of water and fiber. If you still have this problem you may want to talk to your doctor.

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The poo (lol) isn’t abnormal. I only drink water, and lots of it. And I take additional fiber to make my stomach not cramp as bad when ready to have a movement.

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I used to. It would ruin my entire day. Since I began my colon cleanse, it’s gone. Yes, I know most people think it’s a scam, but my body is saying otherwise.

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Your symptoms sound like the opposite of IBS

If this is consistent, I’d talk to a doctor. You are too young to have to have a health issue that requires a nap. This may be some form of colitis.

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@Facade I’ll try that.
Thanks everyone!

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I only get that way if my stomach is irritated and I have a rather heavy bowel movement. Definitely should be looked at by a doctor if you’re getting it from regular bowel movements.

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Do you have to strain? That could cause you to feel dizzy and light headed.

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No straining. No nothing. It involves no effort…

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@Clair That’s why I suspect you may need a check up and to report these symptoms to your doctor. Sound’s like a colon issue to me. After a you have a normal movement, you experience weakness…that’s not normal.

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Update: I tried some Colon Cleanser like @Facade suggested, it immediately gave me some relief and after two days of taking it, I have zero weakness! Thanks for the suggestions everyone! This takes a huge load off of my day! (Pun intended) ;-)

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Good! I hope you’re happy with your results :)

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wikipedia look up vasovagal response. I suffer from the same thing. It triggers a severe drop in blood pressure from the upper part of your body, like the head.

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i have the same, it almost 3 years now,I’m filipino 37 years of age, I have to deal with this everyday too, pls gave me suggestion what im supposed to do. thanks

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This happens to me too, for hours after going to the bathroom. It could be bowel triggered myalgia. There is a website on it at The cause is not known.

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I have the same issue. I’m not constipated, normal bowel movements. Just tired afterward and sometimes sleepy. I found out that my Ferritin, Serum is low. They put me on iron pills. Check your iron levels and please report back on here if that’s what it is. I also don’t have a thyroid, I’m on Synthroid. I’m going to see if the iron pills help.

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