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How should I ask for this girl's number?

Asked by TEBOWHEISMAN07 (37points) February 4th, 2008

Ok well the question itself is self explanitory, but i like this girl who is in a different grade actualy in middleschool im mearly a freshman but, whenever i see her she’s with her friends, how should i ask her? should i try to get alone with her to ask her?

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actually first chat to her no matter if her friends are arround… When you get to know her, ask her out :) good luck!

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omg, I’m a sophomore and something I hate more than anything is when people think they need to be alone with someone in order to talk with them, i.e. date them in the future.
Just be yourself, hang with her and her friends and eventually you’ll get her number.

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breedield right. I’m a junior and i c people waiting until the opposite sex is alone until they make there move… U gotta be a agressive and go up to her the next chance u get. Being urself is important but so is confidense. If u be a man and show her that u arnt a lil girl then ull probly get bonus point with her

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Honestly. If you like her, tell her.

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