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Are all the 'Male Enhancement' products placebos?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) October 24th, 2009

All the evidence seems to be anecdotal, and there is never an explanation as to how it works. These all lead me to the placebo conclusion. Has anyone tried any of these things with success?

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I have never heard of them actually working. If they did you could buy them at Wal*Mart.

I have a tiny penis. It is like a pencil. My tongue gets the job done.

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They are not placebos, they are cons. Like the female “breast enlargement creams” a few decades ago.

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i have never tried any of them, but my instinct leads me to believe they are a scam.

the only way i know that you can enlarge the mail organ is with plastic surgery, and even then, they can only make it wider.

not forgetting to mention the cases where people have had the surgery, and been left with a mangled and disfunctional penis.

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I ordered Enzyte not too long ago while drunk at 4am in my hotel on a business trip. All I can say is nothing has gotten bigger but the random erections are more frequent.

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@DarkScribe shhhh I’m still making money off of that one. Jerk.

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i think if any of them really worked it would become so popular that sales would go through the roof. same with baldness remedies. if there were a male enhancement product or a baldness remedy that really worked, word of mouth promotion would put that product’s name out there big time.

now don’t they say “it’s not the size of the ship, it’s the rockin motion of the ocean?”

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what difference does it really make size only matters if the person is strictly a sex partner otherwise making a woman feel sexually satisfied starts long before the foreplay begins. How you treat her and what steps you are willing to take to sexually please her mean more for me. Forget the enhancements and love her mind, body and soul and you’ll have a woman who will follow you to the end of the earth no matter how big you are.

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Viagra works, but the other things, such as Enzyte, are mostly a way to get your credit card number.

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I think so, yes. Experiments never find any effectiveness with them. How pathetic do you have to be to take penis-enlarging pills?

You can’t embiggen your penis. Just deal with it the way it is. Seriously.

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But you can increase its size. The size of a penis depends on how much blood fills into it. Greater blood flow = larger erection.

The point of the ED meds is to improve blood flow (however they do that, I don’t know). One of them (I believe Viagra) actually started out as heart medication, to promote overall blood flow, and some of the clients started noticing the “side effects” of it.

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@poisonedatidote male

wait, are you the one learning english?

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@DominicX Ha. @ “You can’t embiggen your penis.”

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@Sampson DominicX Ha. @ “You can’t embiggen your penis.”

Maybe you can enshrinken your girlfriend, that should work just as well.

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Over the years, my belly seems to have enwidened, and shaded my penis. the lack of sun enshriveled it up. or maybe it’s a 48 year old thing. :-)

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Don’t bring up placebos. I was addicted to placebos for quite some time. A very difficult time in my life.

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@mrentropy I was addicted to placebos for quite some time. A very difficult time in my life.

Did you smoke them, inject them or place them under your pillow?

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Are those the ones that grow under cow patties?

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@DarkScribe You mock my illness, sir. You try spending time on the streets begging for money and Placebos. They laughed at me. Sometimes I would be offered sugar pills! Sugar pills!

But I’m feeling much better, now.

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Sugar Pills! Hey now. We’re talking serious stuff now… Not Dextrose? but actual Sucrose placebos?

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When I went to the Clinic they gave me Splenda pills. You know, ‘cause I’m overweight.

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If you mean enhancements to make it larger, there is surgery, or one other thing I’ve seen is the injection of silicone. This maymake it fatter, but I have no idea that it is better for sex. If you mean enhancements to increase rigidity, a properly sized cock ring can do the job or some of the pharmaceuticals prescribed by a doctor might work for you. If you mean enhancement as in making it longer, short of tying a brick to your wang with a string and letting it hang, you are pretty much stuck with what you are born with although the surgery link does offer an option for that.. Since the first three inches of a woman’s vagina is the only place where she has nerve endings in her sexual organs, anything longer than that is over-kill. I say buy a good quality vibrator or dildo if she wants to feel ‘all filled up’, it’s better than beating yourself up because you think your equipment somehow doesn’t ‘measure’ up. Or find a woman that judges you by the size of your heart rather than the size of your junk.

@mponochie How you treat her and what steps you are willing to take to sexually please her mean more for me. Forget the enhancements and love her mind, body and soul and you’ll have a woman who will follow you to the end of the earth no matter how big you are. GA, I’d give you a million lurve points for that one, if I could. When you treat a woman as if her pleasures are primary and your own are secondary, you have the beginning of that perfect love. If you please her to her maximum, she will compensate for you, and by the time you are done, the entire neighborhood will be needing a cigarette. ~

Sex for pleasure needs to be about sharing and giving, it shouldn’t be selfish and egocentric.

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Back to the topic at hand, How is it that these products that have no clinical trials, and only anecdotal evidence of efficacy, how can they stay in business?

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none of these products promise anything and none of them carry the FDA stamp of approval except for Viagra. All they have to do is some tricky marketing and create a somewhat decent vitaman and blamo! Done.
They stay in business because the majority of men want a stronger, larger, fuller penis.

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@judochop and because no man wants to go public saying “Hay! My dick’s still small even after taking Cialis!”

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I don’t really think much of t&e male population would even admit to taking a so called enhancement drug however I am sure not many of them want to tell the world that thier “dick” is small. I don’t think it really matters one way or another. I ordered Enzyte one night while drunk ad watching late night TV. Mostly for a joke but when it did arrive I started taking my free month supply and though I never expected anything like growth or girth given the ingredients I did expect more frequent random erections and guess what? That’s what I got. So instead of sex two times a day if we want we can now have it four times a day if we choose to. Even though I wot reorder the enzyte I would recommend it for playtime.

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Pretty much the whole thing that has given me hope thruout my illness has been my random erections. Except, I have no control over when or where they happen. And that they only last long enough for me to notice they are there. “Oh look honey!.. never mind” The Doctors think that means the wiring is there, but something is messing with it. I was hoping there was something about these medicines that could offer me hope of a ‘normal’ sex life. Sure I may stroke out, but what a way to to out!

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have you heard of any benefits to a penis pump and a cock ring? I’ve not tried and I don’t know much about them but maybe??? I wish you the best of luck on your quest. I’ll say a few prayers. Godspeed friend.

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Alas, yes I have spoken with the family doctor about anything and he is all “limp is good for you right now” heavy sigh

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