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Need help finding a home to move to can you help?

Asked by MissSleepy (1points) February 5th, 2008

Can you help me find low-income/section 8 okay housing rentals in the washington county area of Oregon please we really are running out of time to find a place? Thank you for taking time to read this as well as any help you may be able to provide.

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I live in Eugene Oregon and also looked for help finding low-income housing.. The local Social Security office sent me to the HUD Housing Authority. 177 day Island RD. 541–682-3755

I doubt they can directly help you but I bet they can give you a number for someone that can help..

Good luck

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you might find some help in these also…

Housing Authority Of Washington County
111 Ne Lincoln Street
Hillsboro, OR. 97124–3036
Phone: (503) 846–4794
Fax: (503) 846–4795
Web Site:
Services Offered: Rental Housing/Section 8

Oregon Housing and Community Services – Affordable Housing Resources links

Washington County Findings report
interesting charts, budgets etc. Adequate, affordable housing—thousands of households are on a waiting list

The Department of Housing Services was formed in 1992 to administer housing activities and programs of the County and the Housing Authority.

The mission of the Department of Housing Services is to provide affordable housing opportunities to help-break the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life in our community.

We know that one in five people in Oregon can’t afford the cost of their housing. People are going hungry and doing without medicine for themselves and their kids in order to keep a roof over their heads

Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Association of Oregon Community Development Organizations – great links


Fair Housing and Accessible Housing Resources – links

Nonprofit affordable housing provider – Washington County…. LIHTC: Low Income Housing Tax Credit. SSB: Social Security Benefits
this looks like a fascinating document but sadly only can find the link
for the table of contents

oh wait how clever am i…indeed he he. i guessed at the name of the chapters and voila!
and so on…

Debt Crunch is all about that pressed down feeling of owing more money than you make and how to get out of the habit of spending more than you can afford to pay.

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