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What is your definition of happiness?

Asked by naivete (2458points) October 25th, 2009

Im not interested in dictionary definitions. I’m asking all of you to truly think about your own definition… something that is true to you.

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Tight pants and a hole to fill ‘em!

that didn’t make any sense

I don’t think anyone can be truly happy, there is always something to bother you, so nobody can really say what happiness is.

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Happiness to me, is knowing that I’m loved, and that i’m comfortable with anything, and everything I do.

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Going to bed and looking forward to the day after. Jumping out of bed because you want to take the day on and not expecting dark days ahead.

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A lack of negative emotions.

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Not sure where this quote comes from, but I heard it once and it stuck with me. “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

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Have your private jetplane waiting for you at the airport. Reach it with your black limo. And, while you drink your freshly prepared mojito, head towards bahamas.

Repeat it almost every weekend.

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Letting go. Understanding that both the pleasurable and the unpleasant will not last no matter how we push or pull, and so unhitching our well-being from the pendulum of circumstances.

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Happiness comes from no worries. A light heart and clear mind. I agree completely with DarkScribe. Zero negativity.

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I don’t think that happiness is the same as absence of unhappiness. Merely lacking negative emotions is not the same as possesing positive emotions.

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@Cartman The reasoning behind that belief is that a life of negative emotions has given me a very distinct impression that happiness is lacking from my life despite how hard i try to enjoy myself and have a good time and be a happy person. Removing the negative seems to be the only way for me to be carefree and actually feel good about how my life is going along. I can understand why you would say that. Currently, in my given state, optimism and hope are the only things keeping me going. Temporary happiness i suppose, but at least i’m happy for a bit if not a majority, you know?

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Appreciation of the little things in life.

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@bright_eyes00 a step on the road to happiness. I wish you the happiest times and the best of luck!

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@Cartman thank you same to you

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@qashqai don’t forget the scandily clad attendants!

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Interesting viewpoints.

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Happiness is being delighted with what you have, and not wanting more.

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