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When reading questions, does the asker determine whether or not you will answer?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21483points) October 25th, 2009

I find that sometimes I will read a question and think it seems stupid until I see who wrote it. If a new user or a user I don’t recognize wrote it, I might just pass it by but if an older regular has written it, I may read it to see if they have a legitimate reason for asking. Am I the only one who does this?

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i just read them, see if i know anything that could be of use and if i do i answer. i dont really consider any other factors.

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I am new, but I just read each question on the browsing page and if I think I have a helpful answer, I will give a response. New users have to start somewhere.

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Occasionally. There are some people who’s questions you can predict where they’re going to go. Sometimes you don’t care to answer because you know what’s going to happen on that question. I think that’s the only time that I bother to take the asker into consideration.

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Not usually. I do tend to skip some questions, usually ones I just know I can’t answer (computers or anything technology related) there are no specific users I avoid though.

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I don’t care who wrote the question at all. I’ve been In small heated debates with members where it may seem like I dislike them or whatever but it only usually makes me like them more. I’m here to debate and learn and be pushed into new views on things. Why count someone out? You’re only hurting yourself.

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@casheroo: I don’t necessarily avoid certain users but there are some questions that just seem silly until i see who wrote them. Then I might take a gander because I know the user and think it might not be such a silly question after all.

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Usually I don’t even notice who wrote it.

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Nope, if the question intrigues me, I answer it!

(who the hell is @KatawaGrey ??????) heheheh, jk!

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For example, if there’s a user who tends to not recognize the contributions he makes when there are conflicts and blames a situation on another person regularly, I might not answer their “reasonable” sounding question about what to do about a situation because its likely to be unreasonable shortly. :P

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Why judge on the username? I’d rather not do that. I mean, I’m new, and if the regulars ignored me, why would I want to stay?

Besides, I don’t like judging others.

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@KatawaGrey There are a few users I try to stay away from. Every so often if I can help them in some way I’ll still post. Otherwise I just skip away to the next question that interests me.

As for skipping on newb questions, not unless it seems like a flame starter or a blatant troll. Then, I Flag ‘em & Forget ‘em and move along.

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I decide to answer based on the question, not who asks it.

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I can’t think of an instance where I’ve done that, but I’m sure it has probably happened. Probably just because I’d want to find out why they were asking that question. In general, I avoid no one… even those I dislike. If I might be helpful, I will answer.

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I usually just look at the question, and see if I have something to offer. There are one or two people, though, who I will not respond to (based on earlier interactions)—I figure they can get through life without my opinions.

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I think I should clarify further. there might be a situation wherein I read a question on the main page and think it is a silly or stupid question. Then I might see that say, @augustlan for example, wrote it, so then I would be more likely to read it because I know her and I know that the question is probably not silly or stupid at all.

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I never look at names. If the question catches my eye, I will click on it to see the add’l information. If it looks weird, I might check to see if it is a newbie. The names are in an uncomfortabiy small font so I don’t usually look at them and except for daloon;s nobody’s avatar jumps right out. So it’s all about the question.

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I haredly ever pay attention to who asks the questions. It doesn’t affect which ones I choose to answer.

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If the question piques my interest, I’ll look at it, at least, for the details, and then decide from there. I don’t care who asks it.

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Most of the time, no. But there are some users whose questions I will not even read, never mind answer.

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