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Where can I buy "Dry Touch Hands" in San Francisco?

Asked by JCS (250points) December 22nd, 2006
I want to buy a friend this product. However, I want them to get it by Christmas so mail order is out of the question. Any ideas where in the Bay I can purchase this stuff?
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In San Francisco, or anywhere, I imagine, it can be purchased online or via mailorder, here:

Contacting their Customer Service Dept. should yield a list of stores in SFO that carry it, or your favorite store might be willing to order it for you, provided you purchase it in a “large enough” quantity, to make it worth their time.

BTW, mailorder might not be “out of the question,” if you are willing to pay the necessary charges for USPS Express Mail, or via the overnight services of UPS or FedEx.

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