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Have you ever looked up an old love/first love/childhood sweetheart?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11271points) October 25th, 2009

I have often wondered with Facebook and the internet….how many first loves, crushes in grade school and old loves have been brought together.

I haven’t done this…but often, I do wonder…“What ever happened to…..?”

Have you? What happened? What did their wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend think? Was it a good experience or not?

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Definately. I wonder this all the time.. Even if Im still 17. I looked up someone I had a crush on awhile back.. He’s gotten his girlfriend pregnant and has no way to support them both. Glad I didn’t pursue that crush.

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The restraining order is still in effect.

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I looked for my first crush for years – Mishael. And I finally found him and we’re good friends now. And he’s even cuter. xP

@naivete – I spy you!

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No, they tend to find me. I often have nothing to say. But I still talk to two guys I have had “flings” with.

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Weird timing… I was on facebook and looked up someone today. (I have to admit, I was kind of hoping that he became really fat or lost his job or something mean and spiteful like that.) I don’t think looking up an ex, or really spending too much time in general on facebook, is too healthy. Everyone posts the highlights and milestones of their life, like awesome trips to Europe or birthday parties, and you’re sitting there in your jammies surfing the internet.

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@troubleinharlem Get on messenger, fool.

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I have tried to find an ex-gf, just to know her life turned out good, but with no success.

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A couple of times I have communicated with important former loves. I am friends with one on FB and we chat frequently. (She lives in Italy now.) It’s been almost 40 years and we are still pals.

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There is one old love from a decade ago… I have the means of contacting her, but just thinking about the hurt from all those years ago unsettles me.

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I had been a Facebook/Myspace friend of my (ex-)girlfriend since before we were together.

I have looked up a few of the childhood crushes I had. They all look relatively the same (including a girl I crushed on in elementary), and all seem to have lives I wouldn’t want to be part of.

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Sure. I am back in touch with my high school/college boyfriend through facebook.

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At 18 he was the strong, silent, gorgeous athlete. At 43 he was a twice divorced, bureaucrat who drank to much and still had nothing to say,

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I’m 20, so the “old” is definitely not much, but I have kept tabs on the boyfriend I consider to be my first love. We were kinda friends before we were dating, and we were friends on facebook for the majority of our relationship, so it wasn’t much of a change. My first kiss/ex-boyfriend friended me out of the blue on facebook, though… I didn’t respond to it (things ended pretty badly), but decided that, when I was in GA and knew he was too, I would give him a chance and ask him to coffee to catch up. I called and we set it up (his accent was WAY stronger than I remembered), and the day of, he canceled with a hugely lame excuse. To top it off, he asked me, verbally, to accept his facebook request. Needless to say, I didn’t.

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I have a couple of old boyfriends as facebook friends. We’re all married to other people, so nobody’s looking to hook up again or anything. We just got caught up on one another’s lives, and periodically touch base. It’s nice.

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On a social networking site? No, though about 3 or 4 years ago I Googled a couple of them. Unfortunately or not, none of my exes and I ended things on terms where we’d want to know about each other’s lives now, though I do hope they’re all doing well.

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not exactly looked up, but a friend of mine is really good friends with my first girlfriend’s sister (who was a little girl back then). Not sure if the sister remembers me, but I did ask about her once. She got married, divorced, and works in a bank. Saw her in the street once and she looks much older than she should. But she’s always been a nice person.

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