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Is there a to automatically use a proxy server when connecting to a network?

Asked by jdvanderk (155points) February 5th, 2008

So there’s a place I go to, and in order to connect to the internet I have to set my browser up to go through a proxy server (tools/internet options/advanced/network/settings in firefox). This works fine, its just a pain to do this every time, is there a way to change my network settings so that I automatically use the proxy server when connecting to this network, but not on any other network?

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Use FoxyProxy Firefox extension :)

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@MedivhX—> thanks for the help but…FoxyProxy lets you assign certain proxy servers to be automatically used for different URL browsing patterns. Which is cool, but doesnt help to resolve my problem, i need to easily (automatically if possible) use a certain proxy server for one wireless network but not others. Any suggestions?

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what OS? Location settings for the different network connections should do the trick.

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Vista home premium, not sure how to access those settings, but that sounds promising

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There’s really no real way to automatically go from no proxy to proxy. Automatic browser settings are pretty much useless, since a proxy server doesn’t advertise that it is as such.

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