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Simple. Just get drunk and throw-up in public. Make sure someone sees you and then get admitted to a rehab unit, ala Brittinany. Oh, and shave your head also.

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that guy is just playing with the english language. i think you are asking WHAT is an internet rock star (although i totally dig your answer Cardinal) i am guessing but i am going with someone who thinks they are a STAR (aka famous) and have been on the internet a long time. it kind of looks like a title you give yourself he he if you just feel like it. no official way to be one.

now this guy is a REAL rock (aka music) star…

Internet rock star Jonathan Coulton finds a new way to market music… Without the aid of a record label, Coulton, 36, has used daily blog

As of 2006–08-11, a Google search for internet rockstar returns over 4 million entries. Ben Brown occupies the top 9.

The technique was first discussed on April 6, 2001 in an article by Adam Mathes. In that article, he coined the term “Google bombing” and explained how he discovered that Google used the technique to calculate page rankings. He found that a search for “internet rockstar” returned the website of Ben Brown as the first result, even though “internet rockstar” did not appear anywhere on Brown’s webpage. He reasoned that Google’s algorithm returned it as the first result because many fan sites that linked to Brown’s website used that phrase on their own pages.

In an all-too-long post, Ben Brown (self-professed internet rockstar) laments the failings of Facebook, likening it to a Walmart or Costco with a collection of mediocre crap that “just happen to be conveniently located in the same place.” In other words, Facebook has become another example of a faceless big business, and we as internet denizens would do better to frequent the Mom & Pop sites run by people that provide a better service with more heart. (Sites that, for instance, aren’t overrun by advertising or useless applications like vampire bites.) (cache might not work)

Internet RockStar Yeogirl Yun, CTO of

Internet Rock Star? No Thanks…

Here you can dress like one

Internet Rock Star – Dooce

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